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Elevating Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a elevating wheelchair which allows individuals with mobility disabilities to access items out of vertical reach and/or to have visual access to items that could be seen by an individual standing. Two students focused on this problem for a final year project. Their answer is to lift the wheelchair and/or the occupant. The detailed answer is in a 130 page formal engineering report with 13 AutoCAD drawings to support the idea. The base was

New Heights Electric Elevating Manual Wheelchair (Model 08 01 01A-D)

The New Heights Electric Elevating Manual Wheelchair, model 08 01 01A-D, is designed for used by individuals with lower extremity amputations, lower extremity disabilities, and mobility disabilities. The wheelchair is designed as a general purpose utility wheelchair with the ability to temporarily elevate the seat from standard seated height to a height greater than that of a person standing. FRAME (HxLxW): 30 x 37 x 23-29 inches. The frame is available in a choice of colors and is collapsible

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