One Piece Footboard

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Footboard And Brackets

One-piece ABS plastic footboard ($64). 3 sizes, 10 to 14 inches wide by 6 to 9 inches deep. Brackets ($47) attach footboard to bottom of solid seat insert. 2 size ranges, 6 to 9 inches long and 9 to 12 inches long.

Footrest, Swing Tube, & Bracket

The Footrest Swing Tube and Bracket is a one piece footboard which mounts to the insert bottom to support the feet and allow the seat and footplate to move as one. Knee flexion angle may be varied from 45 to 180 degrees with mounting hardware. The Seat Mount Footrest (model 33400, $156) is made of metal. The Footrest Swing Tube (model 33422, $36) provides for the use of independent footrests and legrest cradels and still allows for insert mounting. The Pivot Bracket (model 33420, $48), Swing Tub

Padded Leg Rest With Attached Foot Rest & Padded Side Panel Leg Rest With Attached Foot Rest

Custom size leg and footrest pads with two pairs of bent Kydex or aluminum brackets, mounting footrest pad to legrest pad, and legrest pad to bottom edge of solid seat with bolts through threaded wood inserts. Adjustment for length and depth available. Can also be ordered with four side pads, two on each side of legrest and two on each side of footrest. Pads are 1/2 inch thick medium density foam over 1/2 inch birch plywood, with vinyl covering.

Solid Footboard (Model 108-8016)

Solid footrest with fixed or swing away brackets. Waterproof finished birchwood with plastic edges. All sizes. Mounts with 1 inch drop hooks and 30 degree clamps.

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