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Forever Lever

The Forever Lever is a replacement scooter controller designed for use with Rascal, Liteway, and Fold & Go 370 mobility scooters. The unit includes an engager lever, handlebar mounting bracket, a long-life potentiometer, wiring harness, and installation instructions. The Forever Lever has been tested to withstand repeated usage up to 2,000,000 cycles; extreme hot and cold in temperatures from -104 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit; vibrations more extreme than driving over rough terrain for 24 hours

Shabbat Module

The Shabbat Module is a scooter controller that can be added to the Amigo RT Express, Amigo RD and Amigo HD scooters (see separate entries). It is designed for use by Orthodox Jews with mobility disabilities. The Shabbat Module is halachically-approved and certified by a representative of the Zomet Institute-Israel. It is designed to allow individual participation in full observance of the Sabbath. After the module is installed, the scooter user can activate the Shabbat mode using a toggle swit

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