Wheelchair Bumper

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Ease-A-Bump, Wheelchair Bumper

Wheelchair bumper fabricated of 1 inch wall steel tubing. Covered in urethane foam padding with nylon cover. Weighs 5 pounds. Attaches to most wheelchairs with swing away foot rests. 13, 15, and 17 inch widths. Specify width of chair when ordering. Black.

Wheelchair Bumper Bar

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To protect walls and furniture from being damaged by a wheelchair when the user has his/her legs straight out. With the user's legs straight out, the space taken up was large and made it difficult to avoid bumping into walls and furniture. To protect both the user's feet and surroundings, a frame that sits upright at the end of the chair was constructed of PVC tubing. The frame was covered in cellular foam and a strip of outdoor furniture fabric was laced around the f

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