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Adaptive Connection System

The Adaptive Connection System is a battery charger for use on batteries for electric wheelchairs. All ACS models feature field adaptability which includes: Input of 120 or 240 volt AC, 50 or 60 cycle, International Power Entry System; Output in the form of a plug-in DC cord matched to application need; and Voltage Setting which are adjustable in field to match current and future battery needs. Other features include automatic operation, temperature compensation, quiet operation, short circuit p

Battery Booster, The

Boost charger for 24 volt electric wheelchairs. Charges chairs from 12 volt supply; cigarette lighter adapter, automotive battery chargers, etc. Can also be used to operate 12 volt accessories from wheelchair batteries. Can fully charge batteries in 3 to 4 hours; however, designed to give quick "boost" charge while driving or sitting. Installs on wheelchair. Some vehicle adaptation may be necessary. Size 5 by 2.5 by 1.5 inches; weight less than 1 pound.

Lestronic Ii Battery Charger (Model 6815)

The Lestronic II Battery charger, model 6815, is a battery charger designed for use with wheelchairs and scooters. This 12-volt charger is a ferroresonant battery charger and has a patented electronic timer. The charger is fully automatic, turning on automatically when plugged in and shutting off when batteries are fully charged. The charger adds to range with each charge and to total battery life. This charger is designed for use with wet or flooded batteries (water required to be added to the

Lestronic Ii Dual Mode (Models 17750, 18330, & 18350)

The Lestronic II Dual mode, models 17750, 18330, and 18350 are battery chargers designed for use with scooters and powered wheelchairs. This fully-automatic charger is electronically controlled and has two modes. One mode charges conventional liquid electrolyte batteries, other charges gel-cell or other sealed cell batteries. The direct current (DC) output is 24 volts, 8 amps, tapering to 3 amps. DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): 8 3/16 x 8 11/16 x 6 7/16 inches long. WEIGHT: 16 pounds.

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