Flatproof Tire Insert

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Airfree 24 & Airfree 20

Airfree tubes for pneumatic wheelchair tires. Endurothane II pneumatic tube construction for use with conventional pneumatic rubber wheelchair tires. AIRFREE 24 has flex lock feature to snugly fit the rim seat securing spoke nipples. AIRFREE 20 has elliptical flex support for power wheelchairs. Lifetime guarantee against flats, blowouts and pressure loss. Can improve maneuverability and reduces tire wear. AF241375 fits most major brands; 24 by 1 3/8 inches. AF24125 fits most 24 by 1 1/4 inch tir

Eliminator, The

The Eliminator is an airless cushion innertube designed for flat free use. It is lightweight, easy to install and shock absorbent. The arched web in the tube's interior protects from overload and permanent deformation. It may be used with standard tires of wheelchairs and bicycle tires, and can be reused when the tire wears out. DIMENSIONS: From 8 x 1.25 inches to 24 x 1 3/8 inches, at least 17 different sizes listed. WEIGHT: Can support over 200 pounds. WARRANTY: 2 year limited. COLOR: 14 avail

Marathon 24 & Marathon 8

Airless wheelchair tires. One piece, snap on, lightweight Endurothane II construction to replace conventional rubber tires. Maintenance free. Lifetime guarantee against flats, blowouts and pressure loss. AA24100 fits most major brands of wheelchair tires 24 inches diameter. AA8101 fits most shallow 8 by 1 inch rims. AA8102 fits molded plastic and most other deep cavity 8 by 1 inch caster rims.

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