Bell’s Palsy

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Kinsman U Drink Adaptable Holder, Model 16060

Kinsman U Drink Adaptable Holder is a device that allows the user to hold and drink a beverage independently. It is intended for people with limited or no grip strength due to spinal cord injury, MS, cerebral palsy, stroke, arthritis or other disabilities. This holder can be adjusted to fit onto bottles, cans, and glasses of all different shapes, sizes, and materials.

TheraSIP Thera Straws Set for Swallowing Trainer

TheraSIP Thera Straws are swallowing trainers designed for people with palsy and other mobility disabilities. They are designed with a  decreasing interior diameters and restrict bolus size and maximize safe intake of thin liquids, a safe method for keeping individuals on thin liquids. They can be shaped (bent) by placing in a microwave, shortened as needed, and cleansed after each use. Recommended for individual use only.

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