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Activity Tray Swivels (Model 70675-0000)

The Activity Tray Swivels, model 70675-0000, is a swing away lapboard designed to be attached to the tubing on most wheelchairs. The tray is made of birchwood and has a clear non-slip finish on the top surface. The tray has a lip to keep items from rolling off. It is supplied with a flat triangular aluminum support and a screw-mounted 3/8-inch long aluminum spindle at one corner. DIMENSIONS: 13 x 17 inches.

Collapsible Lap Tray.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Wheelchair lapboard folds and stores on back of chair. Lightweight lapboard attaches to full length wheelchair arms. It folds in half and can be used as a short lapboard, or removes and stored easily on the back of the wheelchair. Includes picture. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking AUTHOR: Bob Warren, UCP of Akron, 318 Water STreet, Akron, OH 330-376-6041. TITLE: Tools, Equipment and Machinery Adapted for the Vocational Education and Employment of Handicapp

Durasoft Half Tray

The DuraSoft Half Tray is a swing-away lap tray designed for use as a wheelchair accessory by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. For those people who do not need the surface area that a full lap tray provides, the DuraSoft Half Tray provides a smaller surface on one side of the wheelchair. It is available in left- and right-handed models. The unit has a rigid insert covered by high resiliency foam with a solid cover. A raised outside edge keeps the u

Folding Retractable Tray Table

The Folding Retractable Tray Table is a swing-away lap tray for a wheelchair for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This tray is designed for use with the Pride Mobility Jazzy, Invacare Pronto and Hoveround powered wheelchairs (see separate entries). Custom sizes are available. The table mounts on retractable arm that is mounted on the underside of one of the wheelchair's armrest. If the wheelchair has a joystick or other controller mounted on

Lexan Half Lap Tray, Left (Model 16C012-1L) & Lexan Half Lap Tray, Right (Model 16C012-1R)

The Lexan Half Lap Tray is a lap tray is designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This tray has an epoxy-coated-steel slide- on mounting bracket. A hinged system allows the clear, see-through tray section to fold completely over thus leveling it with the side of the wheelchair when not in use. No tools are required for attachment. Model 16C012-1R is for right-handed use and model 16C012-1L is for left-handed use. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 10 x 20 inches.

Padded Half Lap Tray, Left (Model 16C012-2L) & Padded Half Lap Tray, Right (Model 16C012-2R)

The Padded Half Lap Tray is a lap tray designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This tray has the epoxy-coated-steel slide-on mounting bracket. The hinged system allows for complete folding of the tray section thus leveling it with the side of the wheelchair. No tools are required for attachment. The tray section is padded with poly foam and covered with vinyl. Model 16C012-1L is designed for left-handed use and model 16C012-1R is designed for right-handed use. DIMEMSIONS: (WxL) 1

Sammons Preston Flipaway Armrests (Models 604401 & 604402)

Th Sammons Preston Flipaway Armrest, models 604401 and 604402 is a armrest designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or other seating systems. Features include a heavy duty hinge that allows the arm rest to flip up and out of arms way, a three-inch recess that serves as a beverage or ashtray holder, and a one-inch black vinyl foam padding. The armrest can also be used as a work surface or for transporting small items. Model 604401 is designed for right side attachment and Model 604402

Swing Away Tray (Model Sat126)

Durable 3/8 inch clear polycarbonate tray supports a weak or paralyzed arm. Acts as a portable writing or eating surface and/or reading support. Tray curves around body front during use, but quickly swings up and over wheelchair wheel for safe storage when not in use. Lightweight and has 5/8 inch protective white rubber trim that is removable for easy cleaning. Easy to install. Available for right or left side.

Tablet Arms Tray (Model 11H)

The Tablet Arms Tray 11H is a swing away lapboard designed for individuals who frequently transfer in and out of a wheelchair. This portable tablet sized tray can be carried in a wheelchair backpack or stored without obstruction by snapping it onto the side of the chair. The tray is made of clear, nearly unbreakable polycarbonate plastic with a rim. Trays are made for right or left hand use. WEIGHT: Approximately 5 pounds.

Tilt-A-Tray Adjustable Wheelchair Tray (Models H70670-0000 & H70670-0001)

The Tilt-A-Tray Adjustable Wheelchair Tray is a swing away lapboard designed to adjust vertically and tilt forward and back. The tray is attached to the wheelchair frame and swings away for access to the chair seat. The tray is made of clear polycarbonate and has front and rear edge bars. The right side is mounted to a hinged bar and the left side is held by suction cups mounted to adjustable bars. Fittings are molded of high-strength ABS plastic. Extension rods and braces are made of stainless

Tray For Powered Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a tray for a powered wheelchair for individuals with a C6 spinal cord injury (SCI) for use with power wheelchairs. The requirements for the tray are defined to meet the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and through interviews with power wheelchair users. Power wheelchair users with this tray will have the ability to deploy a tray when needed; however, when not in use, the tray can be stored on the wheelchair. The final tray design is


The Trayaway is a swing-away lapboard designed for use by individuals who use powered wheelchairs. This armrest tray is designed for a universal fit on most commercially-available wheelchairs. The unit provides a functional armrest with a built-in tray that folds out for the user without assistance for working on a laptop, writing, reading, or eating. It is also designed to safely support a laptop communication device. Other features include a transparent reading surface that can be tilted to su

Wheelchair Computer Tray

DO-IT-YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To create a computer work table for a wheelchair. The table surface is made of plywood and positions a laptop computer directly in front of the user. The table is angle-adjustable and pivots out of the way or can be removed for transfers or when not in use. The table is supported by a pole and support made of threaded pipe. MATERIALS: Plywood and threaded pipe. TOOLS: Shop tools. SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic shop skills. TITLE: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. REF:

Wing Self-Storing Wheelchair Tray

The Wing Self-Storing Wheelchair Tray is a swing-away lapboard for manual and powered wheelchairs and 3-wheeled scooters. The patented, tablet-size tray is made of clear polycarbonate plastic, and has a pencil/spill trough plus a rim along the outer edge and a slide control. When the tray is in the stored position, the user has unobstructed access to the wheels of the chair. An adjustable, 3-directional hinge and a telescoping arm permit the tray to flip up or down and slide back and forth. Moun

Ziggy Swing Tray

Swing away lapboard for E & J wheelchairs with interchangeable full size armrests. Lapboard mounts to the front of the frame, swings down to side for storage, or, it can be mounted to be used on the side of chair. Top can be adjusted vertically. Acrylic. Specify color of armrest pad.

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