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S Type Spirometer (Model 20.610)

Spirometer for measuring pulmonary functions through volume displacement. Single switch operation. Inkless steel stylus. Test graph recording paper. Disposable mouthpiece. Pedestal stand, optional measuring system: linearized dry wedge bellows. Volumetric capacity: 7. 7 L BTPS at 23 degrees centigrade. Volumetric accumulation: static, infinite; dynamic, 12 second chart recording. Back pressure: static, 0. 235 KPA maximum; dynamic, 0.013 KPA/L/S at 12 L/S. Activation, volume, 0.04 L allowed for i

Vitalograph Compact (Computerized Spirometer)

Computerized spirometer for measuring pulmonary functions utilizing a flow detection principle - Fleisch type pneumotach. Provides graphic display as well as permanent printout of volume/time curve, flow/volume curve, flow/volume loop, direct MVV, pre and post bronchodilation/ provication comparison (measured and predicted), interpretation quadrant and user-selectable normals. 10 patient storage.

Vitalograph Pft Ii Printer

Computerized spirometer for measuring pulmonary functions utilizing a volume displacement method. Combined with the mechanical spirometer is the convenience of computerized calculations. Both Morris and Knudson predicteds are an integral part of the system and can be selected by the operator. Results from the PFT II can be printed as outlined in the ATS recommendations or as the last complete test. Technical specifications are same as cited for S Type Spirometer.

Parent Category: Respiratory Monitors

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