Exoskeletal Ankle

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Seattle Ankle Block (Models Sab310, 311, 312, 313, 320)

The Seattle Ankle Block is designed for the exoskeletal setup of the Child'sPlay, Seattle Foot, and Seattle LightFoot for individuals with lower limb amputations. It is lightweight, easily shaped, and made of high strength rigid polyurethane foam surrounding a nylon core. It is designed to be durable to withstand the forces imposed by dynamic response feet. DIMENSIONS: For model SAB320: foot size range 22 to 29 centimeters, minimum clearance 6.1 inches. For model SAB310 (low profile): foot size

Seattle Laminating Core

Designed for use with the Seattle Lightfoot when clearance is insufficient for use of the Seattle Block, but excessive for a Syme Nut. Exterior of the nylon core is convoluted and abrasive etched for secure adhesion of the laminate. After cutting to length, the core is laminated directly to the socket, and fabrication is finished conventionally using rigid urethane foam and stockinette.

Parent Category: Lower Extremity

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