Remote Headlight Dimmer Control

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Drive Master D2 Dimmer Switch & D7 Special Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches allow hand operation of headlight dimmer. D2 ($42) dimmer switch mounts on hand control with bracket; D7 ($45) mounts on directional signal handle. Dimmer raises or lowers headlight beam on touch of button.

Two-Pole Dimmer Switch (Model 3550) And Single Pole Dimmer Switch (Model 3551)

The Two-Pole Dimmer Switch, model 3550, and Single Pole Dimmer Switch, model 3551, are remote headlight dimmer controls. A toggle switch mounts to the dash board for hand operation. The unit is made of a lightweight brushed aluminum alloy. The two-pole switch allows normal use of the factory-installed dimmer switch; the single pole switch deactivates the floor dimmer system and transfers it to dashboard. WARRANTY: Contact manufacturer for details.


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