Bed with Automatic Turning

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Bed Turner.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: A mechanical bed that allows the person to turn themselves. A bed turner that can be operated on demand by the user or set to turn automatically on a timer. The mattress articulates and results in almpost a side lying position for the user. The mattres is divided and hinged longitudinally. It is suspended by pivots and bearings that allow the center board to tilt. Article describes how the bed was built, including materials and inital test results. Inc

Freedom Bed

Freedom Bed is a bed with automatic turning designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, severe physical disabilities, or neurological disabilities. This therapeutic bed system turns the user to different stable sleeping positions, either manually or automatically. The bed is designed to mimic the body's natural nocturnal motion by mechanical repositioning in order to re-establish blood flow to compressed tissue and prevent bedsores. The horizontal surface of the bed (the paten) that

Totalcare Spo2Rt Bed

The TotalCare Spo2rt Bed is a motorized bed designed for use by individuals recovering from burns or wounds or individuals with severe physical disabilities. This critical care bed includes Therapy-On-Demand modules that offer continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) and percussion and vibration therapies. This helps mobilize secretions and other bodily fluids to aid in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary complications related to immobility. A head of bed alarm sounds automatically when

Versacare Tc Bed

The VersaCare TC (Transitional Care) Bed is a motorized bed designed for use by post-surgical patients and individuals with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This hospital bed has clinical mattress integration, a digital head of bed display, a FlexAfoot mechanism to help prevent foot drop, a powered Boost system to help the user move up in bed, and Turn Assist to help caregivers turn the user over to prevent bed sores. It has power transport with a built-in transport shelf, lin

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