Ankle Strap

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Ankle/foot Straps

Pair of velcro straps with mounting hardware and D-ring closures. Can be mounted to padded footboards or existing wheelchair footrests, positioned to strap ankle or forefoot.


Band It is an ankle strap designed for use by individuals with lower extremity and neurological disabilities who use wheelchairs. This positioning device is designed to be secured around the ankle, with the body of the device extending over the top of the userÆs shoe and orthosis. The device has a dynamic component that allows some movement at the ankle to prevent joint stiffening and full body tonal reaction, and reduce buttock shear. The device has a side-squeeze closure that can withstand 250

Foot Harnesses (Models 2A, 2B, & 2C)

The Foot Harness is a foot pedal attachment designed to keep feet fixed in place and provide neutral foot control on surfaces such as wheelchair plates and bicycle pedals. Sold in pairs, these foot harnesses promote proper alignment and weight bearing while helping to avoid injuries to the feet. Mounting hardware is included. The harnesses have a sandal-like design (heel/ankle straps) and a plastic mounting base for snap on/off attachment to the pedals. The length and width are adjustable. SIZES

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