Childproof Cabinet Lock

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Invisible Cabinet Locks

The Invisible Cabinet Locks are designed to prevent children with cognitive disabilities and deter adults with Alzheimer's Disease or cognitive disabilities from opening kitchen or bathroom cabinets. These locks are invisible from the outside of the cabinet. Once installed, the cabinet door can only be opened by placing a magnetic knob-like "key" on the outside face of the cabinet in t the right place. When the key is applied properly, the door unlocks and opens freely. DIMENSIONS: The key is o

Kitchen Drawer Lock

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To secure kitchen drawers to prevent a child with a developmental disability from opening them. The locking device consists of a handle on the outside of the drawer cabinet attached to a horizontal lever mounted on the top inside wall of the cabinet. The horizontal lever is attached to a vertical latching bar that fits into a corresponding slot in the wedge-shaped pieces mounted on the drawers themselves. When the handle on the outside is turned, the horizontal lever l

Medicine Cabinet Latch

The Medicine Cabinet Latch is a childproof cabinet lock designed for use with small children and children with cognitive disabilities. Designed for use on medicine cabinets with sliding doors, the unit attaches to the outside of the door. Raised prongs prevent the door from being opened. To open the door, flatten the curved ends and the front door slides over the lock. DIMENSIONS: Doors must have 3/8 inch or less between them.

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