Adjustable Kitchen Components

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Air Duct Kitchen Accessories

Air Duct Kitchen Accessories are adjustable kitchen components designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities.This shelf-mounted unit stores a variety of items with in reach in otherwise unused space. When not in use, the unit retacts into the cabinet.

Approach For The Cabinet

The Approach for Cabinets are motorized adjustable kitchen components designed for individuals who use wheelchairs or who cannot reach standard cupboards. This motorized wall cabinet adjustment system uses a powered push button system to raise and lower kitchen cabinets (cabinetry not included) through a 20-inch height adjustment range. DIMENSIONS: Fits W3030 to W4830. WARRANTY: Two years.

Approach For The Sink & Approach For The Cooktop

Approachfor the Sink and Approach for the Cooktop (sold separately) are accessible and adjustable kitchen components designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. These motorized counter systems enable push-button height adjustment of kitchen sinks and cooktops. A flexible drain line is required and available for the sink system. INSTALLATION: Can be installed into a 36 to 48-inch wide cutout by any experienced contractor. DIMENSIONS: The height adjusts from 28 to 36 inches. WARRANTY: Two

Folding Walsall Trolley

The Walsall Folding Trolley is designed for use by individuals with limited endurance and coordination as a result of multiple sclerosis, cardiac surgery and stroke.  This trolley can be folded away for transport or storage.  It is ideal in a smaller home or kitchen, where space is at a premium. Ideal for safely moving hot meals or drinks around the home, the trolley is equipped with four large castors making it easy to control and position by the user even on carpeted or slightly uneven floors.

Fox Cabrail System

The Fox CabRail System is composed of adjustable cabinet units for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and other applications requiring adaptable and accessible cabinetry. Available units include office desks and computer stands, file cabinets, oven units, stovetop cooking units, night stands and vanities, countertops, stackable drawer units, closet systems, and bathroom sink and vanity units. The units are designed to make efficient use of space while still making the cabinet contents accessible. For

Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters

Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters are accessible counters designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The patented motorized lifting mechanism enables the stovetop or sink to be lowered up to six inches for wheelchair access.The plumbing, electrical system and lifting mechanism are built in to the unit which repaces existing counters. The counter supports up to 250 pounds and can be raised or lowered as needed using the push button on the front of the unit or with the included

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