Potters Wheel

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Brent Rehabilitation Wheel (Model 16)

The brent Rehabilitation Wheel, model 16, is a potter's wheel designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This variable-speed power wheel has a frame that was designed in conjunction with rehabilitation and therapy experts. The frame provides access for a wheelchair, a standard stool, or a standing user. The wheel can handle 150 pounds of clay continuously. This wheel includes the brent Classic Controller with these features: Optimal torque at all speeds as the wheel speed remains const

Potter's Wheel Brace

The Potter's Wheel Brace is designed to support an individual's upper body while leaning to use a pottery wheel. The device is made of bent aluminum tubing with a foam sleeve wrapped around the top section. Two rubber mounts are attached to the bottom ends. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Jay Drew for a user with poor upper body support who needed a device to support the stomach when working over a pottery wheel.

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