Pulley Exerciser for Balance Activities

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Bilateral Accessory (Model 1010)

The Bilateral Accessory, model 1010, is an overhead pulley exerciser designed to work on flexion/extension patterns, bilateral activity, gross motor planning and vestibular balance for persons with physical handicaps. It is meant to be used with the Southpaw Bolster Swing (see separate entry) for clients of all ages. It can also be adapted to most other Southpaw suspended equipment. The Bilateral Accessory comes with a rope, pulley, two adjustable handles and a special snap. GUARANTEE: One full

Single & Double Flexion Extension Pulley System (Models 1901 & 1902)

The Flexion Extension Pulley System, model 1901 and 1902, is a sensory integration device designed to strengthen trunk muscles for individuals with physical disabilities. The pulley allows a back and forth movement to provide stimulation anf can be used with other equipment to encourage dynamic movement patterns. The Pulley System comes with adjustable soft webbed loop handles in single or double style. The double pulley requires two ceiling points. GUARANTEE: One full year from shipping date.

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