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Able Generation Play Table

The Able Generation Play Table is a cut out table designed for use by children with physical disabilities. This wooden table enables the child to be surrounded on three sides, stabilizing the arms and aiding in focusing the attention. The table tilts to five, 15, or 25 degrees. A lip on the inside and outside edges minimizes the possibility of small items, books, and papers sliding off the table when the top is tilted. This table may also be used during floor sitting or supported standing. OPTIO

Add-On Table

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a dining table for a young woman with mobility disabilities. The add-on table is made of a 5/8- inch plywood and resembles a card table with only two legs. The front edge of the table is attached and removable from the main dining room table with two sturdy hooks. The height of the table has been lowered to a more comfortable level and a semi-circle has been cut out to fit the young woman’s waist, allowing her to get up close. TITLE: The Add-on Table. WEBSI

Cut-Out Table And Foot Support

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a child with multiple disabilities with a work and play surface. Using an existing round table as a base, a removable square tabletop with a cut out in the center of each side was designed to be clamped on. Made of 18-millimeter (mm) thick MDF, the corners of the top were rounded and wooden cleats were fitted under each of the four sides. The cleats are turned and locked with T-bolts to secure the square top to the table. A platform of 9-millimeter plywood

Deluxe Folding Personal Worktable

The Deluxe Folding Personal Worktable is a height adjustable tilt top worktable designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. This table is height- and tilt-adjustable and hand knobs adjust and secure its telescoping legs. The top tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. The scratch-resistant melamine top has a half-moon cutout for accessibility and an outer rim to protect against spills. The table folds flat for storage. DIMENSIONS: Table height adjusts from 29 to 44 inches. The tabletop measures

E-Z Glide Series Adjustable Table Bases

The E-Z Glide Series Tables are accessible tables and adjustable-height work tables designed for people who use wheelchairs. The 1700 Series adjusts from child to adult height, the 1800 Series adjusts from standard to wheelchair height, and the 1900 Series adjusts from restaurant to bar height with a stop at standard wheelchair height. The E-Z Glide mechanism incorporates a patented design and gas cylinders to facilitate table adjustment. A knob adjustment allows the tables to change heights and

Extended Easel (Models Ee100, Ee100D, Ee200D, & Ee200S)

Extended easel functions as three different pieces of furniture. Floor easel is designed for child for long sitting activities. Raised book edge holds material at a 20 degree angle and also adjusts to a horizontal plane for play. Adjustable leg set converts floor easel into a portable desk adjustable from 21 inches to 27 inches in height. Capable of converting to horizontal setting. Intermediate size converts easel to a smaller desk 14 inches to 21 inches in height. The seat block converts floor

Extended Tray Easel

Extended easel tray has a 20 by 24 inch surface with a 14 1/2 inch cutout. Designed to interface with the TherAdapt Mini- or Primary Cube Chairs and the Mini-Prone Stander. Top adjusts to 30 degree angle. The large model is 28 inches wide by 23 inches deep with an 18 1/4 by 4 1/2 inch cutout. Three types of legs are available for both sizes: 9 to 15 inches high, 15 to 21 inches high or 26 to 32 inches high.

Floor Table.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Floor tray table designed for use with floor seat provides writing area with extra support. Tray table top is constructed of 12 inch by 16 inch plywood board. Side panels measure 12 inches by 12 inches. Softwood battens can be glued inside side panels about 1 1/2 inches from top of tray. Front edge of tray can be cut out to fit child. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Aids for Your Handicapped Child REF: London, Englan

Four Place Child Cut Out Table Kidney Shape (Model 354)

The Four Place Child Cut Out Table Kidney Shape, model 354, is a semi circular, kidney shaped table. The table features wood grain laminate, scratch resistant top and five legs for stability. The table accomodates seating for four children with amble space for each child to work. Also makes an excellent feeding station. DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): 24 x 29 x 96 inches; cut outs are 6 x 9 inch (1 each), 7 x 10 inches (2 each), and 8 x 12 inches (1 each).

Individual Cut Out Table (Model 300)

The adjustable offset legs of this cut out table allows patient to sit almost in the center of the table. The cut out table can be adjusted for both sitting and standing patients and can be used with standing stabilizers. An attached door which swings out or down can lock the patient safely in place. The table is made of wood grain laminate and has scratch resistant top. DIMENSIONS: Height adjusts 21 to 33 inches, top size is 24 x 30 inches with cut out 7 x 10 inches. Adult, child and pediatric

Individual Tilt Work Table (Model Pc 5358-02)

The Individual Tilt Work Table, model 535802, is a height adjustable, accessible tilt-top work table designed for use by people who use wheelchairs. The manual crank adjusts the height of the telescoping legs and the top tilts to any angle between 0 and 50 degrees to accommodate tasks and individuals. The unit includes the table and a tray/shelf extension with a cut out. DIMENSIONS: The tabletop is 35 x 24 inches and the tray attachment is 11 inches. The height adjusts from 22 to 30.5 inches.

Midland Child / Adult Combination Work Table (Models 7082)

The Midland Child/Adult Combination Work Table is a height adjustable tilt top work table with a cut out designed for use by children and adults who use wheelchairs. The table features a rimmed maple tabletop that tilts to any angle up to 45 degrees and a tubular steel frame on a U-base with locking swivel casters. Model PC 7082 ($1349) is crank-adjustable. DIMENSIONS: The table surface is 26.5 inches square and the height adjusts from 24.5 to 31 inches. The casters are 3 inches in diameter.

Multiple Place Cut Out Table (Model 6254)

Table with 4 cut outs to provide individualized table work space for 4 children. Height adjusts from 23 to 36 inches. 2 cutouts are 8 inches by 13 inches and 2 cutouts are 8 inches by 16 inches. Overall size is 96 inches long and 30 inches wide. Tabletop is heavy duty plastic. Useful for children in wheelchairs for sliding chairs close to table.

Positioning Table

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide proper positioning for a child with neurological disabilities. This table is designed to provide the child with proper postural positioning while allowing the child to concentrate on eating, playing, or educational activities while at the table. The table was made of plywood to dimensions specified by the child's therapist and provides space for two children. The table is height adjustable and has a torso cutout at one end to provide the child with close ac

Rehabilitation Table

The Rehabilitation Table is a height-adjustable tilt-top work table designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. The base is equipped with a modesty panel and is constructed of 18 gauge steel. The table has a laminate top with a raised edge and a cutout for access. The tilt angle adjusts from 0 to 35 degrees. The table has four caster for mobility and two of the casters lock. DIMENSIONS (HxDxW): The top is 0.75 x 30 x 40 inches. Table height adjusts from 29 to 44 inches. COLOR: Grey top

Rifton Multidesk (Models E270 & E280)

The Rifton MultiDesk, models E270 and E280, is an accessible table designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. Available with a tilt or fixed flat top, these tables have curved cutouts for access and are height adjustable without tools. The tilt-top models have a table top that tilts upward with a double-latching mechanism in 5-degree increments, from 0 to 30 degrees. A book ledge keeps items positioned when top is tilted. OPTIONS: Three- or five-inch deep top-opening book boxes that at

Sensory Table

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted sensory table for children of different ages with hearing or visual disabilities. An adjustable table with a round wooden top, a metal frame, and adjustable legs was used for this adaptation. The top of the table was removed from the frame and four indents were cut into the sides of the table allowing four children to stand supported at the table. A plastic container was fitted through a hole cut in the table top and the sq

Therashape Group Table

The Therashape Group Table is a therapy table designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or in activities requiring close proximity to the table. The table is curved with cut out areas to accommodate three individuals. The table is height-adjustable using hand knobs and the steel powder-coated legs feature knob-style column locks and six adjustable base levelers. DIMENSIONS: The table adjusts in height from 23 to 33 inches. Each of the cut-out areas is 18 inches wide x 10 inches deep. T

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