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Achievement Little Kiddle Foam Weights

The Achievement Little Kiddle Foam Weights are wrist and ankle cuff weights designed for use in pediatric therapy or exercise. These latex free weights are adjustable with straps with Velcro closures and are available in 0.25 pound, 0.5 pound, 0.75 pound, 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, 2 pounds, or 3 pounds.

Adjusto Weight (Models 2940, 2941, & 2942)

The Adjusto Weights, models 2940, 2941, 2942, are arm and leg weights designed for increasing strength through exercise. The cuffs have pockets for the weights which are adjustable in 1/2, 1 and 2 pound increments. The cuffs have 2-inch Velcro straps on both the top and the bottom for secure fit and are made of heavy duty flame retardant vinyl. WEIGHTS: 5 pounds, model 2940, (4 one pound weights and 2 one-half pound weights); 10 pounds, model 2941, (4 two pound weights and 2 one pound weights);


The Cuff is a cuff arm or leg weight for individuals with upper or lower extremity disabilities that can be addressed by weight training. The Cuff is available in two versions: (1) the Deluxe Cuff has an 20-inch hook-and-loop adjustment strap that allows the weight to be used for extremities with larger diameters such as the thigh; and (2) the D-Ring Cuff is sized to be worn on the ankle or wrist and is fastened by threading a strap with a hook-and-loop attachment through a D-ring. The Cuff's we

Deluxe Cuff Weights & Adjust-A-Weights

Weights for ankle or wrist, in the following weights: 4,8,12 ounces; 1- 10 pounds in 1 pound steps; 2.5, 7.5,12,15,20 pounds. Construction: foam-backed vinyl, double zig-zag stitched; Velcro straps 18-22 inches long; grommets; weights 7 pounds and over have two grommets and two Velcro straps. Also available: display rack to hold weights ($140.05); deluxe set of 14 weights ( 2 each 1,2,3,4,5,7.5, 10 pounds) ($168.05); with rack ($308.55); adjustable weight sets (multiple weights on one cuff; 5, 1

Exercise And Therapeutic Weights

Cuff weights are vinyl cuffs weighted by iron pellets, and foam backed for comfort. Closure with long velcro strap. Fits adults and children, can be worn on ankle, wrist or thigh. Available in many colors, from 1/ 4 pound to 50 pounds. Available as sets, extensions available.

Pediatric Ankle Weights (Model 4882)

The Pediatric Ankle Weights, model 4882, are adjustable cuff weights designed for use by children or individuals with child-sized ankles. These weights feature a Velcro wrap-around band with double safety closure. Designed for freedom of movement, these weights conform to contours of the ankle or wrist. The user can select his or her desired weights and can add or remove weights as needed for progressive resistive exercises from 1/6 to 2 pounds in 1/6 pound increments.

Pouch Variable Rehab Weight

The Pouch Variable Rehab Weight is a cuff arm or leg weight for individuals with upper or lower extremity disabilities that can be addressed by weight training. This product is sold with a belt that has a hook-and-loop closure and five pockets and a set of five weights that fit in those pockets. The weight of the cuff can be varied by inserting or removing weight packets from the belt. Each pocket of the pouch belt has a closure to keep the weight in place during use. OPTIONS: Additional weight

Rolyan Weight Cuffs

Rolyan Weight Cuffs are arm and leg weights designed for use by individuals with upper or lower extremity disabilities. These soft weights contour to the wrist or ankle and secure with the attached hook-and-loop strap with double safety closure. The weights are equipped with grommets for storage on a weight rack (not included). The weights are sold individually and are available in 0.5, one, 1.5, two, 2.5, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 15, and 20 pounds. COLOR: Beige, yellow,

Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights

The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights use of resistive aquatic therapy is effective for strengthening the upper body and offers less risk of muscle strain than land-based exercise. The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weight is manufactured from non-allergenic chlorine resistant vinyl that dries quickly as to avoid wetting other items when packed. Designed with air valves that provide easy filling access, the weights can be filled by mouth or with an air pump. Weights are sold in cases of ten (10).

Slip-Resistant Weights

Slip-Resistant Weights are arm and leg cuff weights designed for therapeutic use. These weights feature a soft Fabrifoam lining that increases comfort and reduces slippage. Padding increases the capability of the weights to conform to wrists, ankles, or weight bars. Hook-and-loop straps secure the weights. Available weights include one, two, three, four, five, and ten pounds (each sold individually). COLOR: One pound is yellow, two pounds is green, three pounds is black, four pounds is silver, f

Softone Adjustable Weights

The Softone Adjustable Weights are arm and leg weights designed for therapeutic use by indiviuals with upper and lower extremity disabilities. These cuff weights each hold up to four pounds (four one-pound packs are included for each cuff). Velcro straps hold the weights securely in place and allow for comfort adjustment.

Strap Weights

The Strap Weights are arm and leg weights designed for use by individuals with arm and leg disabilities.These expanded vinyl weights contour to fit the wrist and ankle and sealed stitchless seams prevent leakage and prohibit aabsorption and transmission of germs. Available in short- and long-strap models, these weights feature permanently-attached Velcro closure. The long-strap weights can be fastened to one another using the Velcro. The short-strap weights are available in 0.25, 0.50, or 0.75 p

Tec Sandbags (Models Pc2078Vk To Pc2078Vr)

Saddlebag sandbag ankle and wrist weights.. 2 pockets filled with sand joined by piece of fabric. Velcro strap for attachment to limb. Loop handle. Weights: 2 to 11 pounds. Color coded for weight identification. Available individually or as a set.

Therapeutic Weight

Weight cuffs. Sets or individual weights from 1/2 to 20 pounds. For ankles, wrists and torsos for adults and children. Iron pellets are encased in heavy duty foam backed vinyl. Velcro closures. Color coded, marked in pounds and kilograms. Grommeted for storage on weight racks. Weight racks also available. Also available as sets ($469 to $283).

Wrap Round Lead Shot Exercise Weights

Soft vinyl ankle and wrist weights. Long Velcro straps wrap around weight. Sizes 1/4 to 20 pounds grommet for wall hanging. Other sizes available upon request.

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