Lumbar Traction Orthosis

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Back And Joint Pain Reliever

The Back and Joint Pain Reliever is a machine that replicates the pain-relieving effects of inversion therapy while lying flat on one's back. Padded ankle and arm supports hold the body in place on the cushioned bench, while an easy-to-reach lever allows users to extend feet downward by applying only the amount of force that they find most comfortable. The result is a reviving stretch that relieves pressure on the spine as well as decompresses the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Lumbar Massage Heating Pad

The Lumbar Massage Heating Pad is designed for individuals with a permanent or short-term disability that affects the lower back- specifically, the lumbar region. It also has a heat option, with two settings, that operates independently from the massage. Can be secured around the torso with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners. Contains two massaging nodes that target the five lumbar vertebrae. Nodes vibrate to massage. Heat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. The pad is operated with a teth

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