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Bolster Swing (Model 8Tbls)

The Bolster Swing, model 8TBLS, is designed for use by children with physical and neurological disabilities. This swing consists of a padded bolster covered with non-slip material with one or two connection points for ropes at each end. When two ropes are connected at each end, the swing provides a stable ride. With a single vertical connection at each end, greater balance is required of the user. The ropes are adjustable. The swing may be attached to a Rotating Suspension Unit (not included; se

Hang N Roll Bolsters (Models 1020,1022,1024,1026)

A Hang-n-Roll Bolster, models 1020, 1022, 1024, 1026, is a bolster that can be used as a vertical bolster, pony bolster, or a floor bolster for individuals with a physical disability. By hanging it vertically or horizontally from the tightly secured straps on either end it can be used for climbing and hanging for gravitationally insecure clients. It can be used to challange postural adjustments and balance reactions as well as facilitate motor skills. By putting the bolster on the floor it can a

Hang N Roll Conversion Kit (Models 1030,1032,1034,1036)

The Hang and Roll Conversion Kit, models 1030,1032,1034 and 1036, is a kit that allows various sized floor bolsters to be converted into a suspended bolster. It provides a stable environment for gravitationally insecure clients and allows secure straddling, riding and cocontraction activities. Safety Snaps (see separate entry) are included. DIMENSIONS: Four sizes are available (diameter x length) 6 x 24 inches, 8 x 36 inches, 10 x 36 inches, and 12 x 36 inches. All kits measure 48 inches from th

Hug 'n' Hold Bolster

The Smirtwaite Hug ā€™nā€™ Hold Bolster is designed for use by children with sensory integration, neurological or mobility disabilities. It can be used in conjunction with Smirtwaite structural frames or it can be directly suspended from the ceiling. Its design allows it to be used and swung by 2 children at the same time. OPTIONS: Can be used with A, C or O Smirtwaite Frames. COLOR: Red, Green, Blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: 2 year warranty.

Southpaw Pony Bolster Swing And Deluxe Pony Bolster Swing (Models 1005 & 1015)

The Pony Bolster Swing, model 1005, is a smaller bolster swing designed to be used for challenging postural adjustments and balance reactions for individuals with a physical disability. It is similar to the Standard Bolster Swing (see separate entry) but is smaller and therefore is good for smaller spaces and smaller children. It is easier to hang and transport and the top control lines and crossbar make it easy to adjust. The swing comes with a built in Safety Rotational Device and five Southpa

Southpaw Standard & Mini Glider Bolsters (Model 1006 & 1007)

The Glider Bolster, models 1006 and 1007, is a versatile bolster swing with a platform for individuals with a physical disability. Because it has a larger platform, it can accomodate larger clients in all developmental positions. It can be used by the one or more clients or the client and therapist together. The bolster can be hung from two or four points and can be moved in smooth arcs or gently rocked. Each bolster is dual colored to identify the soft versus hard padding. The therapist can swi

Southpaw Standard And Deluxe Bolster Swing (Model 1001 & 1000)

The Standard and Deluxe Bolster Swings, models 1001 & 1000, are therapuetic suspended pieces of equipment designed to challenge postural adjustments and balance reactions for individuals who have physical disabilities. The client can be positioned on top of the bolster or hang underneath to provide a variety of progressive flexion activities. Each of the bolster swings comes complete with a built in Safety Rotational Device and five safety snaps. They are heavily padded and vinyl covered wit

Tyre Swing Suspension (Model 8Tubes)

The Tyre Swing Suspension, model 8TUBES, is designed for use by children with physical and neurological disabilities. This two-strap unit may be attached to a swing frame or a ceiling suspension hook to suspend a tire innertube (not included) for use as a swing or a bouncer. OPTIONS: Inner tube. DIMENSIONS: The straps should be placed 18 inches apart on the inner tube. CAPACITY: 280 pounds.

Vertical Bolsters (Models 1480,1481,1482,1483)

Vertical Bolsters, models 1480, 1481, 1482 and 1483, designed for building flexion strength and challanging gravitationally insecure clients. The durable easy-grip vinyl is great for clinging, climbing and swinging. DIMENSIONS: Available in 9 or 12 inch diameter and 60 or 80 inch length. CAPACITY: Working Load 250 pounds. GUARANTEE: One full year from shipping date.

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