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6919 Positioning Pillow

The 6919 Positioning Pillow is a body positioner and infant positioning cushion made of a foam blend. Small squares of foam fill an inner pillow case made of vinyl, which is covered with an outer pillowcase that zips off for washing. SIZES: Small or Large. DIMENSIONS: 20 x 20 inches (small) and 32 x 20 inches (large). COLOR: Forest green.


Boppy is a body positioner designed to provide support for infants in a prone or suppine position and to provide support while sitting for young children.The C-shaped padded, cushion style support features an opening to cradle an infant or to fit around a child's hips. Two of these cushions may be stacked for support while sitting. OPTIONS: Cotton slipcover. COLOR: The pillow is white. The slipcover is available in blue with bees or pistachio dots.

Jenx Ziggy Cushion Toy

Ziggy is one-of-a-kind cushion that can be used for positioning, support, comfort and imaginative play.

Prefant Pillow

Premature infant supine support pillow for infants over three pounds and medically stable. Pillow is constructed of flame retardant urethane foam, covered by vinyl Staph Check 6, with quilted washable slipcover. Foam is contoured to maintain flexed position of infant, with separate head support. Pillows are color-coded by size. Three sizes: Small (tan) for infants 1250 grams to 1800 grams; Medium (blue) for infants 1800 grams to 2410 grams; Large (white) for infants 2410 grams to 3500 grams. One

Six Piece Modular Positioning Set

The Six Piece Modular Positioning Set consists of foam positioning blocks designed to create individualized occupational and physical therapy treatment programs for persons with varying disabilities. The design accommodates numerous positions within the developmental sequence. The pieces are vinyl-covered, and therefore waterproof and cleanable with soap and water. The set consists of interchangeable rectangles, squares, and triangles (wedges). All sets come with four straps included. SIZES: Thr

Teddy Tucker Infant Seat Liner

Teddy Tuckers Infant Seat Liner is a cushion support designed to work in most any type of infant seat. It is also designed to help support and cuddle the baby's total body and to protect it from hot or cold surfaces. This infant product is machine washable and is available in the following type of designer cushions: Teddy bear, panda, duck, lamb or clown. WARRANTY: If merchandise is received in damaged condition, a claim must be reported within five days from date of receipt of shipment.

Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Pediatric Positioner (Model 4772T)

The Tumble Forms 2 Tadpole Pediatric Positioner, model 4772T, is designed specifically for early intervention programs serving infants from birth to three years of age with cerebral palsy, motor delays, or other motor dysfunctions. The Tadpole allows the therapist to position the child/infant in prone, seated, postural drainage, and side-lying positions. The unit includes the base, one half roll with lateral supports, a half roll, a positioning strap, and a tray with mirror. It also comes comple

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