Measuring Tape

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Gulick Anthropometric Tape (Model 5193)

Gulick Anthropometric Tape, model PC 5193, is measuring tape for recording the circumference or lengths of body parts. A spring attachment in the tape holder permits a slight amount of constant tension on the tape so that identical tension is attainable by differnt examiners. The tape is marked in both inches and centimeters. DIMENSIONS: 6 feet long.

Stick-To-Stand System

Stick-to-Stand System is a product designed for therapists, nurses and caregivers to assist in ensuring that adjustable furniture (i.e. beds, chairs, commodes, etc.) is set at the correct height for individuals, reducing the risk of falls and manual handling injuries. It enables users to correctly measure an individual's lower leg length and then, without having to do any math, determine the correct furniture height for them by simply following the color coded lines on a "stick". Correct furnitu

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