Floor Footprints

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Champion Spot Markers

Spot Markers provide visual learning and social skills training for children to sit (or stand) in their spot. Bold colors help children gravitate toward their place on the floor, but can also be used on a chair or as a space saver place marker at the table. These colorful boundaries teach children crucial social skills of respecting their own and each others personal space. Spot Markers can also be used for some gross motor activities like stepping stones and games that need bases and targets. L

Hands And Feet Markers (Models Thc02107 & Thc02108)

Hands and Feet Markers, models THC02107 and THC02108, are floor footprints and hand markers designed for use in by children with disabilities during motor skills activities. These colorful hand and feet markers can be used by therapists and classroom educators to create activities that combine movement and cognitive skills. They can placed to set up an obstacle course that requires motor planning, right left discrimination, bilateral coordination, and other therapeutic goals. These tough, poly v

Rockin Rocker Board

Made of high quality wood, the Rockin' Rocker Board helps improve balance reactions, motor planning and coordination. Use for righting reactions, tilting reactions and dynamic standing balance. Use in multiple positions and activities--sitting, kneeling, standing and even playing outdoor games.

Parent Category: Gross Motor Skills

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