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2 Wheelchairs Accessible 4-Seater Picnic Table

This product is designed for persons in wheelchairs. It is a 4-seater picnic table. Has room for 2 wheelchairs to also be seated at the table. It is made from high-pressure wood from sustainable sources – FSC Certified. Item will arrive “flatpacked” to save transport costs.

6-Seater Picnic Table- Fits 2 Wheelchairs

This product is designed for people who use wheelchairs. It is a 6-seater picnic table and has room for 2 wheelchairs to also be seated at the table. It is made from high-pressure wood from sustainable sources – FSC Certified. Item will arrive “flatpacked” to save transport costs.

Accessible Aquarium

PROTOTYPEPURPOSE: To create more engaging, dynamic exhibits for museums science centers, zoos, and aquaria for individuals with visual impairments. The Accessible Aquarium project combines the fields of psychology, computing, music, and assistive technology to develop cutting-edge bio-tracking and behavior- analysis techniques to provide input for multimedia auditory displays, music, and sonifications (use of sound to convey information about data to the listener). The first adaptation is for u

Adapted Two Switch Ihome

Adapted Two Switch iHome is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or neurological disabilities. The play/pause and track advance features of the iHome speaker dock for the iPod and iPhone has been adapted to allow the user to turn their iPod music on and off and scan through songs with the simple touch of two switches. This device is only compatible with a 30 pin dock connector. POWER: Requires 3 AAA Batteries. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 6½"W x 4"H x 8"D. WEIGHT: Weight: 1 1/2 lbs. COLOR

Air-Lite Inflatable Ball Pit

The Air-Lite Ball Pit is designed for use by children who are exploring their senses or by children who would benefit from sensory integration activities and/or gross motor therapy. Recommended for children who are tactile defensive. Children can roll, crawl, balance and burrow in this large sensory ball pit. The balls massage and provide deep pressure and relaxation. Cushioned bottom for soft landing and relaxing activities. Great multi-sensory environment for occupational, physical, speech or

Animal Spinners

These Animal Spinners are a recreational therapy toy designed especially for children with cerebral palsy, any neurological disability, or for persons who have a disability that affects their fine motor skills. Toys that work on 3-finger grasping and isolating thumbs. The toys are colorful, twirly eggs and globes that open to reveal an animal as they spin around. Choking hazard: not for people under 3 years old.

Aph Sound Balls

APH Sound Balls are designed for visually-impaired/blind children to learn how to throw, catch, jump or kick a ball, so that they are able to gain skills needed to participate in physical activities as teens and adults. There are two colors to choose from, with sound differences. POWER: Charger included. OPTIONS: Color and sound options. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches diameter. COLOR: Red (techno sound) or yellow (boing sound). WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Aroma Dough

Aroma Dough is a scented therapy dough designed to soothe and help release stress, ease muscle pain and stiffness and encourage post-stroke hand movement. Aroma dough is smooth, silky, and responsive to light pressure or heavy kneading and it’s unique moisturizing formula allows a slow release of essential oils for hands-on therapy. Six colors/fragrances are included in one kit: Purple – calming lavender, Blue – ylang ylang to ease anxiety, Green – refreshing peppermint, Yellow – invigorating le

Awesome Action Figures

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for children who have difficulty holding and manipulating small items during play, participate in playtime by independently holding and manipulating action figures.

Balancing Egg

The Gonge Balancing Egg is a unique toy that is inspired by cultures where the ability to carry/transport things on one's head is developed. This is a unique product which heightens children's awareness of their posture and at the same time stimulates their balancing skills. This can also be used as a game between children to see who can keep the egg on their head the longest.

Basic Bounce

The Basic Bounce is an inflatable play enclosure designed for use by children with balance disabilities, cerebral palsy, or neurological disabilities. Playing in the enclosure helps children develop their gross motor skills. Safety features include an arched top with netted covering, netted windows, and overlapping replaceable nets at the entry. The enclosure is constructed of colorful, durable vinyl. OPTIONS: Construction options include side wall or entry step. Available decorative art themes

Bear Popper-Animal Popper

Bear Popper-Animal Popper is designed to increase hand strength and coordination in children in adults. Users grab their Bear around the mid-section and give it a big squeeze! That sudden burst of air pressure pushes out a soft foam ball from the Bears mouth. The harder you squeeze the faster and further the ball will launch. Go the distance or accuracy, with one hand or two. Comes with 6 foam balls and carry net. Various animals are available.

Belly Bumper™ - Child

Belly Bumper – Child is designed for children up to 12 years of age with sensory processing disorders.  The Belly Bumper is like a bumper cars for your body. It can be used for small-group or large-class play, use Belly Bumpers to run races, play adapted ''bumping'' ball games, or just let off steam. Made of heavy-duty 4-millimeter vinyl with reinforced seams and handles. 

Big Kid Teepee (Model T-291)

The Big Kid Teepee, model T-291) is an accessible playhouse designed for use by children who use wheelchairs. The teepee-style tent is made of fade-resistant, fire-retardant, water-repellent ripstop nylon with pole pockets that enable the tent to be collapsed for storage without removing the poles. The poles are made of splinter-proof PVC plastic pipe and feature soft vinyl protective end caps. The set includes a permanent care and usage label, a full-color hang tag with instructions, and a sto

Bionic Women's Stablegrip Golf Glove

Bionic Women's StableGrip Golf Glove is designed for golfers whose grasp may be impacted by strength and pain as associated by arthritis or ulnar nerve palsy. The Bionic Golf Glove is specifically designed and cut for the anatomical specifications of female hands. The patented construction of the cabretta leather gloves helps to prevent the user's grip from shifting during each swing. DIMENSIONS: Length: Small- 6 inches – 6 3/8 inches, Medium- 6 3/8 inches - 6 3/4 inches, Large 6 ¾ inches - 7 1

Bladeless Fan

This Bladeless Fan has no moving parts. It has continuously changing LED lights and no visible fan blade making it safe for curious children. Works both with and without a switch.

Bobles Tumbling Anteater

The Bobbles Tumbling Anteater is a foam recreational play shape, designed to encourage creative play, balance, gross motor skills and sensory integration. Its soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, but it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Chicken

The Bobles Tumbling Chicken is a foam recreational play shape, designed to encourage creative play, balance, gross motor skills and sensory integration. Its soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, but it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Crocodile

The Bobles Tumbling Crocodile is a foam-based recreational toy that encourages creative play, as well as promotes sensory integration and gross motor skills. The soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, though it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Elephant

The Bobles Tumbling Elephant is a foam recreational toy that encourages creative play as well as sensory integration, balance and gross motor skills. Its soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, but it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Fish

The Bobles Tumbling Fish is a foam recreational toy that encourages creative play, balance, gross motor skills and sensory integration. It's soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, but it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Turtle

The Bobles Tumbling Turtle is a foam recreational toy that encourages creative play, balance, gross motor skills and sensory integration. Its soft fabrication makes it lightweight and forehead-friendly, but it's sturdy enough to withstand rough play.

Bobles Tumbling Worm Chair

The Bobles Tumbling Worm Chair is designed for children who have a hard time sitting still in school and/or focusing on a particular task. The Worm chair is flat on one end and curved on the other end, which enables children to silently be in movement while sitting at their desk.

Break Bag

Break Bag is a bag full of fidget toys, including items for fine motor/heavy hand work, gross motor/heavy work, weight, and visual stimulation. Portable, for car rides and travel. Small parts, not for children under 3 years old. Set includes Tangle Therapy (great hand fidget), Transformer Sack (perfect for stretching, moving or snuggling), Busy Fingers Fidget Lap Pad (provides weight for the lap and finger work), Spaghetti Fidget (use as a fidget or a chewy), and Discovery Disc (fine motor, visu

Bucket Filler Books

Bucket filler books are designed to help teach children how to express benevolence and love and to help pre-teens live happier, more fulfilled lives. The book "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" is designed to teach children how to express kindness, appreciation and love and how to interact appropriately with their peers. It teaches this through age-appropriate language, explaining that their words affect others and themselves and that this behavior can be "bucket filling" and "dipping". "Growing

Build N' Balance Set

The Build N' Balance Set is designed to help children work on improving their balance, motor planning and coordination skill development. It comes complete with 10 interchangeable components to create multiple obstacle courses. Users can create inclines, declines, high surfaces (up to 9.5") and low surfaces (as low as 4") for children to navigate. The set includes: Build N' Balance Yellow Tops, Build N' Balance Red Tops and a Build N' Balance Blue Planks. DIMENSIONS: Build N' Balance Yellow Tops

Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget

Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget is a fidget toy designed for children with autism, with sensory integration disorder, or any child who has trouble paying attention or sitting still. Use when stressed, bored or seeking sensory input. Has the added benefit of it helping to boost their concentration and focus as well as fine motor skills and fine motor strengthening. Can be kept in a backpack or parent’s bag and used at home, school, clinic, or while riding in a car. For ages 3 and up. DIMENSIONS: 5.5 inc

Cando Digi-Flex Hand/finger Exerciser

The Cando Digi-Flex Hand/Finger Exerciser is a patented spring-loaded resistance device for individual finger or entire hand exercises. The exerciser develops individual finger strength, flexibility and coordination as well as builds hand and forearm strength. Use the buttons alone to exercise fingers or the entire unit for a complete hand and forearm exercise.

Cando Scented Therapy Putty

Cando Scented Therapy Putty is a scented recreational dough that helps users develop grip strength and focused attention. The added scent of each putty allows for sensory integration. Each set of four contains the following scents and resistances: vanilla (extra-extra soft), banana (extra soft), cherry (soft), and apple (medium). Nonedible.

Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars

Image Stabilization Binoculars are high-powered binoculars that include a feature that stabilizes an image regardless of involuntary movements, shaking, or tremors associated with such diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease or multiple sclerosis. One push of a button activates the stabilization feature. This is ideal for hunting or wildlife viewing. The binoculars are waterproof and can be mounted on any standard tripod or mounting system.

Champion Spot Markers

Spot Markers provide visual learning and social skills training for children to sit (or stand) in their spot. Bold colors help children gravitate toward their place on the floor, but can also be used on a chair or as a space saver place marker at the table. These colorful boundaries teach children crucial social skills of respecting their own and each others personal space. Spot Markers can also be used for some gross motor activities like stepping stones and games that need bases and targets. L

Child's Beach Walker

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: This walker is designed for those who need additional standing and walking support while at the beach or in other recreational play environments. PVC pipe is configured into a walker and large wheels are attached to help push through water and/or sand. COMMENTS: The Child's Beach Walker allows children with walking difficulties, gross motor skills or balance issues walk with stability.

Clown's Hat Balancing Toy

The Clown's Hat Balancing Toy is deigned to develop body consciousness and attention to posture. It takes concentration and balance to wear the clown's hat. Shaped to make it easy to use with parts so soft that falling rings will not hurt. Set includes five parts made of artificial rubber and EVA foam.

Computer Interactive Reminiscence And Conversation Aid (Circa)

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Based in an interactive multimedia computer system this prototype aims to stimulate persons with dementia and memory disabilities to have more enjoyable and rewarding conversations between their caregivers. A team of searchers from Scotland has developed a Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid (CIRCA). CIRCA is compromised of a simple touch-screen with easy-to-follow instructions and requires no IT competence. When switched on, CIRCA displays a

Crawl And Calm Resistance Tunnel

The Crawl and- Calm Resistance Tunnel encourages crawling, pushing, pulling, heavy work and exploration as one moves through the resistant fabric. Joints receive proprioception input through the stretchy crawling tunnel while increasing body strength support sensory integration. For use at home, school, clinic or while traveling as this tunnel folds for transport.

Creating Ability's Universal Paddling Seat For Canoes

Creating Ability's Universal Paddling Seat for Canoes is designed for individuals with limited mobility due to a spinal cord injury, neurological impairment or illness impacting motor control. The Universal Paddling Seat’s back structure consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar, and upper-back supports. The back has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types. The upper unit (the upper-back rest and laterals) can be adjusted independently or removed completely, for those wh

Creating Ability's Universial Padding Seat

Creating Ability's Universal Paddling Seat is designed for kayakers with limited mobility due to a spinal cord injury, neurological impairment or illness impacting motor control. The Universal Paddling Seat’s back structure consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar, and upper-back supports. The back has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types. The upper unit (the upper-back rest and laterals) can be adjusted independently or removed completely, for those who do not need t

Crosom 12 Inch Manual Scooter Board With Ultra Glide Casters

These scooter boards are designed for children or individuals who have physical developmental disabilities to help users further their gross motor skills by sitting and moving around by pushing off the floor with their legs. High impact resistant. Allow movement in any direction. Grasp inside handles to protect fingers during play. MATERIALS: Molded polypropylene, nylon casters. DIMENSIONS: 12 inch Length x 12 inch Width. COLORS: Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Red.

D.I.Y. Adaptive Tricycle

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps children with movement disabilities ride a tricycle safely with guidance. A store-bought tricycle is adapted with the addition of foot holders, a seat back, seat belt and a PVC pipe push bar. COMMENTS: The DIY Adaptive Tricycle is designed for children with mobility issues, low muscle tone, or other disabilities that prevent them from riding independently. SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic construction (fine motor skills). AUTHOR: Unspecified. TITLE: Adapti

D.I.Y. Adult Johnny Jumper

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: This DIY device helps a disabled individual participate in recreational activities such as dancing and exercise. Innertube material, harnesses, and a ceiling attachment rod make up the Adult Johnny Jumper. COMMENTS: The Adult Johnny Jumper is designed to accommodate those with disabilities who normally wouldn't be able to dance or exercise independently. SKILLS REQUIRED: Construction (fine motor). AUTHOR: Unspecified. TITLE: Adult Johnny Jumper. REF: I

D.I.Y. Electronic Dice

***Do It Yourself*** D.I.Y. Electronic Dice is designed for use by individuals with limited fine motor and upper extremity strength and coordination due to arthritis, neurological impairment, illness or surgery. It can be used children and adults during recreational games. Materials: Electronic Die with a 3.5 millimeters mono headphone socket. Thin wire (e.g 7 strand 0.2millimeters). Soldering iron (15 to 30 Watt power). Thin solder. Soldering flux. Desoldering braid. Step 1: Drill a hole. Locat

D.I.Y. Game Console Switch Interface Deluxe

***Do It Yourself*** Game Console Switch Interface Deluxe is designed for use by individuals with limited fine motor and coordination while accessing Playstations. Materials: 1x Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick 1x Ultimarc iPac board with USB PC lead. 1x Ultimarc Playstation adapter with case, fitted with latest PCB and control-set chip. 1x PS/2 to PS/2 connecting lead 1x USB Keyboard 1x On/Off switch (e.g. Maplin's "JR96E") 3x Small push switches (e.g. Maplin's "FH59P") 27x 3.5mm so

D.I.Y. Lighter Aid

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide assistance for those with limited fine motor strength and dexterity to light a lighter rod. MATERIALS USED: Plasticine or clay, Lighter rod, 2 component casting silicone with stiffness A30, 5 pieces wood, Low density polyutherane foam, Braided polyamide rope (rope with little stretch), 2 Eyebolts, Putty, Bicycle brake lever, Paint. TOOLS NEEDED: Drill, Sandpaper. PREPPARATION: 1. Personalize Hand Print: Use the Plasticine or clay to make a h

Dial For Perfect Vision Glasses

Theses Dial for perfect vision glasses are designed for individuals who have a disability which affects their vision. They are strength adjustable from +0.5 to +4.5 power by rolling the dials near the hinges.

Disc Slide

The Disc Slide is a manual dexterity device which encourages children to simulate a day-to-day buttoning function by passing a disc through a stitched button hole. The Disc Slide not only improves children's fine motor skills and confidence, but will facilitate dressing skills.

DIY Switch Air-Surfer

DIY Switch Air-Surfer is designed to assist individual with limited mobility and fine motor coordination due to cerebral palsy, stroke, and brain injuries participate in recreational play by using a switch to fly the model plane. Materials 1x "Air-Surfer". 2x 3.5 millimeter mono headphone socket. Thin wire (e.g 7strand 0.2 millimeter). Shrink-wrap. Soldering iron (15 to 30 Watt power). Thin solder. Soldering flux. Desoldering braid. Cordless drill with 1x 1/4 drill bit. Knife or wire strippers.

Djeco Green Rain Shaker

The Djeco Green Rain Shaker is a toy that helps promote dexterity, and motor planning, while also providing children with audio sensory input. The shaker also provides users with a hand eye coordination activity by aiming to shake the little beads into holes included in the shaker.

Early Childhood Break Box

Early Childhood Break Box is a box full of educational toys and therapy tools, designed for young children and meant to engage those persons with autistic traits or Asperger’s syndrome, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder or any students who cannot sit still. The box is geared toward preventing disruptive behavior by integrating the sensory motor activities throughout the day. Assists in self-regulation in order to develop the ability to calm down, channel energy, and focus for extended p

Folding Portable Stage System.

Portable stage rolls into place, supports 200 pounds per square foot. Available in 4 heights, 5 widths, and 18 depths. Platform has rubber wheels, for moving when folded, steel understructure, and a lock system which prevents movement. Vertical support columns are steel tubing joined laterally at the bottom by steel angles. All face, floor, and tailboards are structural grade lumber. Floorboards are 3/4 by 11 inches. Options: exposed and recessed wall mounting brackets; side, back, and step safe

Freedom Climber

The Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber provides therapeutic recreation for children 5 years of age and under. The Freedom Climber is designed to help children develop gross motor skills. The activity net can be used in a therapy center, school, or at home. It can be set up in various ways to work on balance, strength, coordination and motor planning.

Give A Flip

The Give a Flip is a bean bag game designed for children with weak hand-eye coordination to allow them to work on process timing skills. This game is an ideal tool for children to help them work independently on hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, visual tracking, motor planning, as well as persistence. Includes 1 wooden stomp board and 2 nylon beanbags.

Glitter Wand

Glitter wands are designed to increase hand eye coordination in children. Glitter wands are 12 inches long and offer a feast for the eyes. By turning this wand from end to end, children receive a visual display that helps concentrate their hand eye coordination abilities.

Gonge Blow Lotto

Blow Lotto is designed for children to develop breathing control and lip muscles. Players take turns at blowing the ball from one hole to another, which requires control of the direction and speed of the ball. Nine holes show different pictures, which are also featured on the players' lotto cards. The first player to covers all the pictures is the winner. Set includes plastic frame, ball, game board with track on both sides, four lotto boards with animal pictures on both sides, storage box and 3

Gonge Mini Top

The Mini Top is designed for young children to teeter, swing and spin around-at first with the help of an adult, and subsequently on their own. It encourages motor activities which are important for a child's early development of his/her sense of balance (the vestibular system) and motor control. The shape of the Mini Top makes it safe for young children: it is constructed to be big enough, but not too big, for young children. The geometric shape ensures that the tilting motion gradually slows d

Gonge Paddling Pool

The Gonge Paddling Pool is a round, sand and water table that's easy for children to access and provides a fun learning environment. Children are able to experience tactile and sensory play when the device is filled with either sand or water. The shallow depth also ensures kids stay safe when playing in the water.

Gonge Tactile Discs

The Gonge Tactile Discs are a set of inviting tactile material that challenges children’s sense of touch on both hands and feet, at the same time developing the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The tactile discs, made of synthetic rubber, contain different tactile structures, each with its own color. The discs offer innumerable possibilities in terms of playing ranging from a fundamental sensing of the tactile structures, to blindfold games based on memory and recognition. The gam

Gonge Throwing Game

The Gonge Throwing Game is designed for students to practice their hand eye coordination and motor planning in a recreational environment. Students throw six soft juggling balls at the target, using a point system where hitting the colored bags will score different points according to difficulty. The set includes a large stand mounted with polyester bags in four colors.

Gyrobix Explorer Magnetic Toy

The Gyrobix Explorer toy allows for a user to spin, turn, twirl, twist a magnetic disk around the dual pegs. Spin the triangular handles to create an optical illusion and make the magnetic spinning wheel race from side to side. Play vertically or horizontally.

Hemisphere Stilts

Hemisphere Stilts are designed for children to practice balancing and motor planning skills. Hemisphere stilts adapt to the child's walking movements in a natural way. Sold in a set of 3 pairs: one red, one yellow, and one blue.


Hilltops is a motor skills training toy for children, preschool age to third grade age, or anyone with physical developmental disabilities who needs to further develop their gross motor skills. The individual may step or jump from “hilltop” to “hilltop”. Hilltops develop the person's ability to estimate distances and makes them more familiar with heights, therefore this is also an activity to improve perceptual motor skills. Each Hilltop is has with rubber “feet" which prevent the hilltops from

Incredibrace Knee Support

The Incredibrace knee support is designed for a young adult to adult with arthritis or other disabilities which affect the knee joint. The Incredibrace is made out of soft and stretchy material and fits snugly around the knee, from mid-thigh to upper-calf. The Incredibrace is retains heat around muscles, helps promote blood flow and healing. It is made from germanium fiber, bamboo charcoal, and spandex. Is machine washable.

Inflatable Clown Punching Bag

This inflatable clown punching bag is designed for children with autism or sensory processing disorders. It provides an outlet and at the same time it gives a good upper-body workout. Made of two sections. Contains 2 valves. Fill the bottom with sand or water. Inflate top section with air (by mouth). May require topping off every few days. Available in two sizes.

Kes-Vir Girls Designer Waterfall Swimsuit

Kes-vir(™) Designer Waterfal Swmisuit is designed for girls with limited arm and leg movement as well as low muscle tone. The swimsuit opens up flat and wraps over the body with ties, Velcro and fasteners for larger sizes for fastening. It has a waterproof wrap-over diaper liner integrated within the swimsuit to contain any bowel movements (not designed to keep in urine). The integrated diaper liner is designed to prevent clogging of pool filters. It is made out of a chlorine resistant fabric wi

Lego® Switches

Lego® Switches is designed for use by children with limited upper extremity strength and coordination as a result of cerebral palsy, stroke and traumatic brain injury. The slightest touch on this plate switch will activate any adapted device. Children can build their own Lego scene on the compact plate play area with the included kit. Encourages your child to reach out and activate the switch. It can be used for teaching cause and effect and to encourage active play.


The lighted reader is a pair of optical lenses in a plastic frame with LED lights on them, designed for readers of any age who need magnification in order to read. They come in three magnification settings; 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0. They are also designed to only shine its LED lights straight ahead or directly on the words that the user is reading, as to not disturb others who are near.

Marble Mazes

Marble Mazes are designed to facilitate finger pincer grasp, finger isolation and strengthening. Users will be asked to push an enclosed, stainless steel ball through an 8.5" X 11" stretchy, cloth maze that is full of straight, curved and zig-zag pathways. There are four designs to choose from.

Milk Jug Ball Catcher

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: 1. Allow individuals with limited bilateral hand coordination to participate in ball catching activity.

Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser

The Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser is a modified exercise bicycle designed for individuals with upper and lower extremity disabilities to improve circulation, muscle strength, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility. The user may place on a tabletop to pedal with their arms or it can be placed on the floor to be used with the person's legs.

Mini Stepper Exerciser

The Mini Stepper Exerciser is an exercise machine designed for individuals with lower extremity disabilities or for those who spend an extended amount of time sitting to improve circulation in the legs and feet, muscle strength, and flexibility as well as to tone the waist, calves, hips, and thighs. Ideal for individuals recovering from knee surgery, with limited mobility. Features an adjustable tension pulley system. Stepping action is smooth and low impact. Hydraulic design replicates stair cl

Mood Stabilization Kit

The Mood Stabilization Kit is designed for children with autism or attention deficit disorders who need a mood stabilizer and/or sensory items . The kit is complete with a bean bag that is lightweight and portable and ideal for children with low muscle tone or for those with sensory to hard surfaces, a Reggie Regulation Ruler or a fidget, Emotion Calms Putty for strengthening hands and for fun (as it changes colors when user twists and pulls), and a weighted lap pad that improves social skills,

No More Dry Markers

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for children who have difficulty with fine motor and upper extremity coordination participate in drawing activities by using a weighted marker holder to select and recap markers.

OPair Wheelchair Bike

Original Pedo Trike

Original Pedo Trike is designed for children 2-9 years of age who are working on enhancing their posture control, bilateral coordination, spatial awareness and motor planning for young children. The design includes two front swiveling wheels to allow safe maneuvering without any obstructions from the wheels. The adjustable seat height and handlebar height can be adjusted (2.5 centimeters increments) to accommodate a growing user. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use as well. The Pedo is mad

Outdoor Play Activity Center

PROTOTYPE --- PURPOSE: To design a sensory-stimulating outdoor play activity center for children with limited physical and cognitive abilities. The prototype frame structure consists of five activity stations and nine different activities. The frame structure is weatherproof, height-adjustable, and can be easily dismantled for storage. Activities are designed to stimulate the visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Components are interchangeable and removable for cleaning or storage. The frame is

P.g. Sof's Playground Ball

The P.G. Sof's Playground Balls are made of roto-molded foamed vinyl, which combines the best of playground balls and coated foam balls. These recreational balls are squeezable, sting-free and bouncy (much like a rubber ball). The diameter of the ball can be varied by about 1 inch to find the right bounce and softness. Each set includes one of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow (set of 6).

Paddle Pong

Paddle Pong is a two player classic arcade style game designed specifically for individuals with special needs. The players can use the program with a variety of input devices simultaneously to move their respective paddles. For example, both players can use switches, or one player can use switches while the other player can use a mouse, touch window or the keyboard. For switch users, two switches are used for each player, one to move the paddle up and the other to move it down.

Perplexus Maze Toy

Perplexus is a 3-dimensional maze that is interactive, kinetic, and a strong motor planning exercise. This transparent, spherical maze houses a tiny silver marble and 100 obstacles to maneuver through. Players work with gravity to carefully twist, flip, and turn the sphere to guide the marble down the track they have chosen to navigate. Kids will think they are just having fun but they also will be exercising their motor and dexterity skills and improving their eye/hand coordination.

Pool Playtime

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To assist children use adapted tools to support interactive pool play.

Propel Paddle Adaptations

ProPel paddle adaptations is designed for use by individuals with use of one arm due to an amputation or neurological impairment, which allows the user to paddle using one arm. An armband on the forearm creates an attachment point that releases instantly when you let go of the paddle. The hand/forearm/paddle adaptation forms the power triangle that maximizes your power and control while only using one arm. Adjusts easily and fits any paddle.

Pull-Buoy 3-In-1 Balance Board

The Pull-Buoy 3-in-1 Balance Board allows children to test and develop their balance skills. Rounded fulcrums can be instantly snapped-on to the platform to increase the height and balance challenge. The board also features an embedded "Z"-shaped track which ends with two catch basins. Smooth and controlled tilt changes allow a ball to be rolled along the track; jerky movements cause the ball to roll off the track. High-impact polyethylene/nylon construction is featured, with underside ribbing

Pull-Buoy Starter Beam

The Pull-Buoy Starter Beam Set consists of easily portable beams that attach together in seconds with shatter-proof plugs. Each section is 2 feet long x 5 inches wide by 2.25 inches high, for 12 feet of beam. Optional hexagonal BeamDocks open the imagination to dozens of different shapes and balance challenges. Constructed of no-tear, unbreakable Dura-Tuff foam for years of institutional use. The included activity guide offers over 30 set-ups and creative uses.

Puzzlelations: Four Color Triangle-Shaped Puzzle Pieces

With Puzzlelations, Children are introduced to geometric and spatial concepts through play with these big triangle-shaped puzzle pieces to make tessalations. The set includes large 4-color puzzle pieces, each side with a different color. Sixteen pieces in total, four different colors.

Rabbit Sensory Habitat

The Rabbit Sensory Habitat is a room full of sensory products, deep pressure and weighted activities designed for children who are overly sensitive to or overly responsive to stimuli, to calm and soothe them. All of the packages above includes swings, lighting, and other tools, designed also to target aggressive behaviors like avoiding school work and tasks, hitting (self or others), uncontrolled energy, or withdrawn/sluggish movement. Each habitat is also highly flexible, adapts for different n

Rainbow Sorting Crayons

Rainbow Sorting Crayons offer a hands-on introduction to colors. Students can build vocabulary, oral language and print awareness by identifying the colors and manipulatives. Set includes eight crayons, each containing six manipulatives. Colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and brown. Crayons are packaged in a flip-top cardboard storage box and include an activity guide packed with fun activities covering a broad area of color sorting skills, patterning and more.

Raynes Rail

The Raynes Rail is a tactile and voice output orientation aid and an exhibit accessibility system designed for people who are blind or have low vision. The Raynes Rail can be installed in a variety of environments to provide audible and braille navigation and orientation information at strategic points. One or more rails can be installed in a location. Each rail has a braille label on one side providing navigation and orientation information about the premises in close proximity to the rail. The

River Stones Balancing Path

The River Stones Balancing Path is a large-motor activity set that provides unlimited opportunity for developing balance and coordination. Use the River Stones to build different balancing paths. Designed so that they cannot overturn, the plastic, "stones" feature rubber studs on the base which prevent slipping and protect the floor. Vary the position of the pieces for a heightened challenge. Set of six stones includes three big stones and three small stones.

Rockin Rocker Board

Made of high quality wood, the Rockin' Rocker Board helps improve balance reactions, motor planning and coordination. Use for righting reactions, tilting reactions and dynamic standing balance. Use in multiple positions and activities--sitting, kneeling, standing and even playing outdoor games.

ROMPA® Musical Squorner

ROMPA® Musical Squorner is designed by children and adults with sensory processing disorders, cognitive, emotional and intellectual disabilities.   Users can sit, sink and relax as the vibrations and music penetrates deep into the body.  The Squorner is bead-filled to conform to the user’s body.  


SensaTrak is designed for children who are working on improving their balance and sensory integration.  The slightest movement inside the air-filled tube provides children with a variety input while trying to keep their balance. The rhythmic rocking can be a calming and soothing factor for some children; while the erratic bouncing, rotation and shaking can provide the just-right input for some kids.  It is made of heavy duty vinyl.

Sensory Dome

The Sensory Dome is designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation. Bright pom-pom balls dance around inside while music plays and the dome vibrates.

Sensory Integration Slippery Squares and Spheres

Slippery Squares and Spheres is a sensory integration activity designed for use with children with neurological, cognitive, or sensory disabilities for the user to develop fine motor skills. This comprehensive kit provides sensory stimulation by the tiny polymers that expand to over 200 times their original size when left sitting in water. The user can throw, squeeze and even just to watch as the Slippery Spheres and Squares slip, slide, bounce and expand to huge proportions. Ideal for tactile s

Six-Piece Magnifying Set

This six piece magnification set is designed for use by individuals with low vision or persons who have a disability that affects their vision. The set includes 4x, 5x,6x,7x,8x, and 10x magnification lenses.

Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights

The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weights use of resistive aquatic therapy is effective for strengthening the upper body and offers less risk of muscle strain than land-based exercise. The Skil-Care Aqua Air Weight is manufactured from non-allergenic chlorine resistant vinyl that dries quickly as to avoid wetting other items when packed. Designed with air valves that provide easy filling access, the weights can be filled by mouth or with an air pump. Weights are sold in cases of ten (10).

Skillbuilders Foam Rolls

Skillbuilders Rolls and Half Rolls provide an adaptive shape for rolling and rocking movements, coordination and vestibular training and positioning. Thick, waterproof polyurethane coating is seam-free and allows for easy cleaning. Rolls have a solid core to help prevent "bottoming out". OPTIONS: Size options. SIZES: Various. DIMENSIONS: According to size selected. COLOR: Blue or Red. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Snoezelen Projector Kit A

Snoezelen Multisensory environments (MSE) are a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that may help clients adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. Each Snoezelen construction is designed to offer individuals with special needs and challenging conditions the opportunity to exercise choice through action.

Snoezelen Solar Projector Kit B

Snoezelen Multisensory environments (MSE) are a specialized selection of sensory equipment and materials that may help clients adapt their responses to sensory stimulation and to advance education and therapy goals. Each Snoezelen construction is designed to offer individuals with special needs and challenging conditions the opportunity to exercise choice through action.

Soft-Lite Barrel

Provide a quiet space, vestibular input, and heavy work with the Soft-Lite Barrel. Children can crawl through it to enhance spatial awareness and with movement, it provides strong vestibular input. This lightweight barrel weighs 20 pounds but has a working load of 225 pounds. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches outer diameter x 16 inches inner diameter x 36 inches long. CAPACITY: Accommodates up to 225 pounds user weight. WEIGHT: 20 pounds. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Sonic Scooters

Sonic Scooters are a small scooting device made for recreational movement and cooperative play. The tongue-and-groove design allows students to "train" as many scooters together as they like, from two on up.

Sonic Scooters

Sonic Scooters are a small scooting device made for recreational movement and cooperative play. The tongue-and-groove design allows students to "train" as many scooters together as they like, from two on up.

Southpaw Bolster Scooters

Bolster Scooters allow children practice extension patterns as well as bilateral motor coordination. Sitting astride a movable surface aids development of balance reactions. Beginning in a straddle position, a child can turn in sitting and then move forward to hands and feet, developing important transitions.

Southpaw Steamroller Advantage Line

A basic "steamroller" that provides effective deep pressure input for smaller children and adults. Users can also "hang out" in the rollers to improve their concentration and focus before sitting activities or classroom work.

Stretchy Chewy Bracelets

These stretchy chewy bracelets are designed for individuals that have a problem sitting still or have a disability in which they need to chew on something or that causes that individual to grind their teeth, such as Down Syndrome or Autism.

Super Duper Skinny Squeezers

The Super Duper Squeezers™ are designed for individuals exercising their dexterity by using a 3-finger grasps or through using their pincher. Is a jumbo version of Skinny Mini Squeezers™ Tweezer-style tongs have very pointy tips which offers more practice of fine motor skills. For ages 5-up. Adult supervision is required due to the pointy tips.


SwingEase is a patent-pending product that enables children 6-36 months of age to safely and comfortably swing on a traditional playground swing. The SwingEase also allows a child to swing on a caregiver's lap while safely secured. The SwingEase connects directly to a standard chain swing, converting it to a toddler swing. It has a comfortable cloth seat that supports the child across the chest, back, and under arms. An adjustable strap provides perfect fit for children of various sizes. Safety

Transformer Sensory Sack

The Transformer Sensory Sack aims to transform a child's mood from hyper and distracted, to alert and calm. The adaptive sack provides deep pressure, resistance, heavy work and snuggling capabilities. Users with sensory processing disorder (SPD) are able to stretch, crawl, move, roll and relax while receiving calming sensory integration therapy at the same time. DIMENSIONS: 40 inches length x 20 inches width. CAPACITY: 100 pound weight capacity. COLOR: Blue. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the

Traverse Climbing Wall For Preschoolers

The Climbing Wall is designed for children with little coordination, poor motor planning skills, and weak muscles to develop those skills along with confidence and muscle tone. Buyers are to send into Fun and Function their room dimensions and the child’s or children’s age range. Fun and Function will customize the wall accordingly. WeeKidz® Traverse Wall is a child friendly version of the traditional traverse wall. Children are supported by large red and yellow hand holds in a variety of shapes

VI Fit

Vi Fit is designed for use by individuals who are visual impaired. It is geared for children with visual impairments that tend to exhibit lower performance in motor skills, lower levels of physical activity and fitness, and higher levels of obesity. Exergames are video games that use physical activity as input and which have the potential to change sedentary lifestyles and associated health problems such as obesity. The VI Fit research project seeks to explore how exergames can be developed that

Walk-Run for Fitness Kit

The Walk-Run for Fitness Kit is designed for individuals with low vision. This kit includes a personal guidewire system that can be set up in your backyard, a school, or a park.Two talking pedometers encourage family and peer participation. If running or walking with a human guide, you can use the kit's adjustable tether, which is long enough to accommodate wheelchair users. Includes a shoulder sling pack for storage and travel.

Water Scooter For Disabled Children

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Helps children with disabilities play and participate in water recreation. PVC piping, a motor, chair frame and buoys are utilized to make the motorized device. COMMENTS: The Water Scooter is designed to allow children with disabilities participate in water recreation safely and efficiently.

Wheelchair Accessable 4-Seater Picnic Table

This product is designed for persons in wheelchairs. It a 4-seater picnic table has room for a wheelchair to also be seated at the table. It is made from high-pressure wood from sustainsable sources – FSC Certified.

Wrist Grips Paddle Adaptations

Wrist Grips Paddle Adaptations is designed for use by individuals with limited to no grasping abilities due to an injury or neurological disability. A wristband is worn on the wrist that slides in a keyhole slot on the paddle. This provides a complete connection that allows you to paddle, even with an open hand. Yet, it safely releases without any secondary action.


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