Adjustable Angle Footplate

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Adjustable Footrest

Tubular L-bar with adjustable angle footplate, heel loop and ankle strap. Small for 12 and 14 inch chairs, large for 16 and 18 inch chairs.

Adjustable Footstool

The Adjustable Footstool is a footstool designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities. Intended to support proper posture and relieve stress on legs, this height-adjustable footstool allows the user to choose his or her desired level of comfort based on height. The frame is made of wood and the foot platform is covered in faux sheepskin. The unit folds when not in use. DIMENSIONS: 14 x 14 x 18 inches. The height can be set at 17 inches, 14.5 inches, or 11.5 inches.

Donning Shoe Stand

Donning shoes is a stand design that can be done at home to help people with physical and cognitive disabilities, Hemiplegia, hip problems, and other related disabilities. The stand helps to elevated the shoe so that the user can independently put it on, tie it, or tighten it. It is built like a store stool with a triangular center for precision and stability. To make, start with foam with a shallow channel in the center. Then insert and glue a loop of webbing to make the device easy to pick up

Foot Bracket Platforms

Several styles of platforms mount to wheelchair footplates for foot positioning. Complete assembly includes one pair of bent slotted plastic platforms, two pairs of plastic side plates which mount to footplate, one pair of heel plates or stops, and one pair of velcro foot straps. Adjustable in height, depth, and angle. Available in small (3 inches wide) and medium (4 inches wide) sizes. May be ordered as complete assemblies or individual replacement parts.

Footrest Platform Tops And Bottoms

Top and bottom sections allow mounting of one-piece footplates to aluminum pans or other rigid seat panels. Removeable. Fixed or adjustable knee and ankle angles. X-style foot straps.


The Samba is an adjustable hi-low, tilt-in-space chair that offers a unique midline support system for children requiring moderate to higher levels of postural control, suitable for both home and school. The midline support system incorporates a 4 point pelvic strap that corrects the position of the pelvis. This improves alignment and helps prevent rotation and backward tilt. The modular system also eliminates the need for knee blocks. Height, width and angle adjustments can all be made easil

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