Wrist Support for Gardening

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Carpal Tunnel Support Glove

The Carpal Tunnel Support Glove is a wrist support for gardening designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. This compression wrap helps alleviate discomfort and reduces muscle tension. This glove contains bamboo charcoal, which is believed to improve blood circulation. The glove is made of bamboo charcoal viscose, polyamide fiber, latex elastics, and polyurethane and is machine-washable. SIZES: Extra-small, small, medium, or large. DIMENSIONS: The extra-small size is 6.5 inches


The Receive-All system is an arm brace and adapter designed for use by individuals with paralysis (quadriplegia), arthritis, stroke, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, or other upper extremity disabilities. The system is designed to help individuals accomplish everyday tasks. Common uses for this device include fishing, gardening, painting, kitchen tools use, hand tools use, and other similar items and activities. The user can attach an adapter to the item he or she wishes to hold and attac

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