Brake for Chair with Wheeled Base

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Chair Brake

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with a motor neuron disability to transfer safely to and from a wheeled office chair with the aid of a caregiver. The office chair has a swivel seat and a standard five-leg star base with casters. During transfers the seat could swivel or the chair move. To stop the chair from moving, a standard spring-loaded doorstop with a metal pin and a rubber stopper on the end was bolted to a leg on each side of the base. The caregiver can push down on th

Ergonomic Swivel Chair Lock

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a swivel ergonomic chair with a controlled locking mechanism to control the swivel feature of the chair for an individual with musculoskeletal issues. A young man found that he would inadvertently swivel his chair seat relative to his torso and the twisted posture exacerbated his existing musculoskeletal problems. The man wanted the ability to lock out the swivel as well as have the option to swivel the seat when getting in and out of the c

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