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Adapt-A-Cut is designed for students who have difficulty holding and using standard scissors while holding and using standard scissors due to fine motor and dexterity challenges. The handle adapts with Velcro for extra support as well as a crossbar for horizontal support. Students use a "pushing" motion rather than grasping and squeezing motion. The blade is safely inside the tool. Adapt-A-Cut can be used with the Adapt-A-Hold, Item 3051 (not included).

Armada Easy-Spring Scissors

The Armada Easy-Spring Scissors are self-opening scissors designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. These scissors are operated by squeezing gently using the thumb and fingers or the fingers and palm of the hand, and they are suitable for right-handed or left-handed users. When the handles are released, the blades open. These scissors have stainless steel blades and plastic handles. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches long.

Armada Snippy Spring Action Scissors (Models B888 & S888)

The Armada Snippy Spring Action Scissors, models B888 and S888, are self-opening scissors designed for use by children and adults with fine motor disabilities or arthritis. Available in blunt or pointed models, these scissors feature a flexible plastic arm with spring action on one handle that keeps them open and ready to cut until squeezed shut. The handle is ABS plastic and has a label insert for the user's name. The blades are 1.2 millimeter (mm) gauge stainless steel. DIMENSIONS: The handle

Dual Control Training Scissors

The Dual Control Training Scissors are child's scissors designed for use with children with fine motor disabilities. These scissors have blunt stainless steel blades and hard plastic handles. Available in right- or left-handed models, these scissors have double loops inside each large handle. The child uses the set of loops furthest from the blades, while the adult uses the other set to assist with control or pressure or to provide guidance. DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inches long.

Fiskars Spring Action Scissors

Fiskars Spring Action Scissors are self-opening scissors designed for use by children age 3 and up with fine motor or grasping disabilities. A spring-action handle opens the blade after each cut, helping children learn a proper cutting motion as they use them. These scissors have a unique blade design for safe, high-quality cutting and blunt tips for added safety. Additionally, large handle loops provide comfort and control and accommodate right- and left-handed users. COLOR: Red or blue. WARRAN

Fiskars Total Control Scissors

Fiskars Total Control Scissors are child's scissors designed for use by children with fine motor disabilities. These scissors feature a three-loop handle design that teaches proper finger positioning to help kids learn how to cut. These scissors feature a safety-edge blade for high-quality cutting with a safer blade angle to help protect fingers. They also have blunt-tip blades for added safety. These scissors accommodate right- or left-handed users. COLOR: Blue, green, or red handles. WARRANY:

Push Down Table Top Scissors

This pair of scissors is designed for those who haven't yet mastered fine motor skills. Users can push down on these scissors and the spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released. A tool meant for those requiring assistance with motor planning.

Training Scissors (Models Sz-552 To Sc-554)

Kids Training Scissors are designed to allow the teacher and student to cut together, enabling the student to learn the feel of cutting and to gain coordination. Each set of blades has 4 finger loops. Available for right or left-handed children, in blunt or sharp styles. (SZ-552 Right/Blunt, SZ-554 Left/Blunt; SZ-553 Right/Sharp.) MATERIALS: Forged steel, nickel-plated with plastic-coated handles. DIMENSIONS: Blade lengths are 4.75 inches for blunt ended scissors, and 5 inches for the sharp ende

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