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A Way To Work (Model Ww-10Q)

A Way to Work, model WW-10Q, is a vocational and community placement and vocational planning program designed to help instructors prepare students with disabilities for competitive or supported employment. The program demonstrates how to make and keep contacts with community employers, develop job sites, supervise apprentice workers, improve work skills, and prepare students for employment. The program is comprised of a curriculum which guides students from their first work training experience t

A Way To Work Resource File (Model Ww-04Q)

The A Way to Work Resource File, model WW-04Q, is a community placement assessment program and vocational assessment program designed to assist in setting up a community-based vocational training program for people with cognitive disabilities. The file provides 30 reproducible masters for funtional assessment forms, employer questionaires, parental consent forms, task analysis forms, work history records, and individual transition plans. WARRANTY: The manufacturer guarantees complete satisfactio


CareerScope is a computerized aptitude test and interest inventory designed for use by individuals with low vision or learning or cognitive disabilities. Careerscope with Audio includes a friendly voice that slowly reads the login, orientation, instructions, practice items, and the Interest Inventory Items. For evaluees with reading disabilities, Numerical Reasoning and Word Meanings can be administered as untimed assessments, providing as much time as needed to finish the two tasks that emphasi

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System (Model S213)

The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System (CVES), model S213, is a vocational assessment and cognitive skills evaluation system designed for use in assessing individuals who are blind or have low vision. This assessment system identifies relative strengths and weaknesses in the areas of Learning, Problem Solving & Achievement; Sensory & Motor Abilities; and Emotional-Coping & Adaptive Behavior. The system includes the Cognitive Test for the Blind (CTB), the Haptic Sensory Discri


The Compute-A-Match is a vocational assessment and placement software package that scores and matches clients to the D.O.T. (Dictionary of Occupational Titles). These tests cover Physical Abilitites: Eye-Hand-Foot, Motor Coordination, Finger Dexterity, Manual Dexterity, Color Discrimination; Cognitive Abilitites: Clerical Aptitude, Form Perception Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude, Cognitive and Conceptual Abilities, and Vocational Factors: Vocational Aptitude, Vocational Interest, Assessment of Work

Evaluation Profile Analysis & Reporting System (Model S148)

The Evaluation Profile Analysis & Reporting System (EPARS), model S148, is a vocational skills assessment program designed for use in assessing individuals who are blind or have low vision. The program provides a computerized interpretation of vocational functioning. It identifies individual strengths and needs, estimates appropriate vocational and residential placement levels, and can generate an individualized evaluation report. The program comes with one package of EPARS Data Sheets.

Job Quest For Windows Xp

Job Quest for Windows XP is a vocational planning and job placement assessment program designed for use with individuals with cognitive disabilities. This assessment software program presents 60 video clips representing 12 job categories in a forced choice format. After both job video clips in a pair have been viewed, users are prompted to select the job they liked best. This process continues until all video clips have viewed (approximately 20 to 25 minutes). Assessments can be personalized by

Learning Assessment Programs (Laps)

Learning Assessment Programs (LAPs) are skills assessment and training systems and job readiness tutorial programs designed to diagnose and remediate basic math and English competencies for a job or technical skills training program for individuals with a cognitive or developmental disability. The Learning Assessment Programs were written to help identify the student or employee’s ability to handle job-specific math, communication, science, and problem-solving skills related to the workplace. Th

Microcomputer Evaluation Of Careers And Academics (Meca) System

The Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics (MECA) System is a series of skills assessment and training systems, job readiness tutorial programs and transition, career and vocational assessment and planning programs. It includes simulations of tasks related to training, education and employment. The curriculum management system starts with a screening of interests (the Interest Indicator) and assigns activities for the user based on the scored results. The system then delivers assigned

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles are orthotic insoles designed for individuals with plantar fasciitis or persons with a weak arch or for adult men and women who just need added support when standing or walking. The insoles use a 4 degree rear wedge which encourages a neutral foot position, preventing excessive pronation. Provides shock absorption. Can trim to ideal height.

Tools For Transition

Tools for Transition is an assessment designed for use by secondary school students with learning disabilities. This program helps students identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of their own learning style, and then relate this information to their individual education plan (IEP) goals; apply appropriate study strategies to their individual learning problems; understand the legal rights of students with learning disabilities to plan and advocate for accommodations in school; select

Wooden Constructo Sets (Models 1-03690-00 & 1-03140-00)

Creative learning products which develop muscular coordination, manual dexterity, and construction concepts. All parts of both Junior and Senior sets are made of hardwood, and construction lengths are drilled at regular intervals for bolting. Nuts and bolts are color-coded for easy recognition. Junior Set (model 1-03690-00) contains 12 red, square-headed bolts, 5/8 inch in diameter and 4 inches long; 12 yellow, square nuts; 4 right- angle joints, 2 by 2 inches by 7/8 inch; and 10 lengths of vari

Workhard System (Model A873500)

The Workhard System, model A873500, is a work simulator designed for rehabilitation following injury or for work assessment and training for individuals with cognitive, neurological, or physical disabilities. This work conditioning system is designed for assessment, functional capacity evaluation, or work simulation. The package includes a Lift & Place Rack Station, Carry-All Weight Box, Tool Kit Weight Box, Stockroom Crate Weight Box, Packing Carton Weight Box, a set of 16 disc weights, foo

Workplace Mentor

WorkPlace Mentor is a comprehensive community-based vocational planning program designed for use with individuals with special needs or limited work histories. This computerized system is an employment planning system and incorporates a database that facilitates objective and targeted situational assessments in supported employment or transitional environments by matching consumer characteristics with job/work demands. The six-step process includes job analysis to yield a customized job bank, c

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