Flood Alarm

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Flood Buzz

The Flood Buzz is a flood alarm designed for use with individuals with cognitive disabilities or Alzheimer's disease. This sensor can be placed on the floor near a toilet or bathtub, and it will sound a loud (95 decibels) alarm when it comes in contact with water on the floor created by an overflow or leak. This flood alarm can also be used to detect leaks near washing machines and hot water heaters. DIMENSIONS: Diameter is 1.5 inches. POWER: Includes a non-replaceable battery estimated to last

Weather Radio With Light And Bed Shaker

This Midland Weather Alert Radio with Silent Call Light and Bed Shaker is designed for those with hearing impairments and also for the blind and or deaf. The flashing strobe light and the bed shaker are included. It gives alerts,both visual and audible to hazardous weather conditions at all times. It uses Specific Alert Message Encoding (SAME) technology. Has 7 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) channels. Public Alert certified. Selectable warning system. Voice, siren, and tone

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