Cyclical Electrical Stimulator

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Electronic Muscle Neuromuscular Stimulator (Models Ems-1C & Ems-2C)

The Electronic Muscle Neuromuscular Stimulator, models EMS-1C and EMS-2C, are portable neuromuscular stimulators that diagnose, evaluate and treat muscle dysfunction caused by peripheral and central nervous system disorders. These stimulators are used for preventing or retarding muscle atrophy, relaxing muscle spasms, and muscle re-education. Model EMS-1C produces Interrupted DC (Galvanic) of up to 15 milliamperes (mA). Model EMS-2C produces Interrupted DC and Pulsed (Faradic) stimulation with 8

Neck Massager

The Neck Therapy Massager is a product designed to dispel moisture and pain for individuals with cervical collar or neck pain. It uses a method of dredging blood vessels. The device adopts low frequency electric therapy, magnetic therapy, infrared therapy, music therapy and vibration massage by way of high frequency energy field that penetrates into the body’s deep tissue. Use the Neck Massager and experience a relaxing, highly proficient multifunctional massage with this systematic therapy. It

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