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The OptiPush is a wheelchair propulsion monitor designed for professional use in clinical or research settings with people with mobility and lower extremity disabilities and spinal cord injury and others who use wheelchairs. This device examines wheelchair propulsion in the natural environment of the wheelchair user because it mounts directly to most standard manual wheelchairs (a wheelchair is required but not included). The system comes with wheels and hand rims with diameters from 24 to 26 in


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype tracking device (PushTracker) to monitor activity levels of individuals with lower extremity and mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury and others who use manual wheelchairs. The PushTracker allows manual wheelchair users to monitor their activity on an hourly, daily, and monthly level and includes data on average cadence, push distance, and total number of pushes. This device allows a manual wheelchair user to measure how he or she push

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