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10-Inch Siderail Bags (Model 70400)

The 10-inch Siderail Bags, model 70400, are bed pouches designed to provide a small storage area for reading glasses, paperback books, a TV remote control unit, refreshment bottles, telephone, etc. They may also be used as bedside litter caddies. The opening is made of a spring hex frame which requires very little manual dexterity or strength to operate. Opening the bag is achieved by placing the fingers in the middle of the frame and popping it outward; by pushing on the outside of the frame, t

Accessible Living Collection - Accessible Cabinets

The Accessible Living Collection - Accessible Cabinets are accessible kitchen components designed for use by wheelchair users. These base cabinets for the kitchen feature countertops low enough to be accessible to wheelchair users, toe kicks allowing for wheelchair access, and wheelchair reachable storage options. Cabinets in the collection include an Accessible Tambour Base Cabinet, an Accessible Base Lazy Susan, an Accessible Base Cabinet with Pullout Table, an Accessible Dishwasher Base Cabin

Autopantry, The

The AutoPantry™ is a motorized, electric kitchen storage system designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. It has 2 columns of shelves, one behind the other, and operates as a vertical carousel, bringing shelves up, down and around so that items are within reach. The AutoPantry™ can also bring items from the back of the pantry to the front for easier access.

Bed Rail Organizer

The Bed Rail Organizer is a bed pouch designed to provide storage and access to personal items for people who spend extended periods in bed. This lightweight plexiglas organizer stores remote controls, magazines, glasses, cordless phones, and more and hangs over the bed rail and secures with a small clamp to prevent slipping when the bed is raised or lowered.

Closet Adaptations

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make an existing closet accessible to seniors and individuals with arthritis, balance disabilities, or mobility disabilities. This illustrated article, included in a chapter entitled "Bedroom & Getting Dressed," discusses various inexpensive modifications. Included are lowering the clothes rod, adding shelves at usable heights, storing items on the floor in baskets, and replacing the closet door with a curtain or lighter weight folding door. AUTHOR: Greenstein

Closet Carousel

Clothing storage/retrieval system operated by a push button control brings clothes to location of choice within the closet or closet doorway. Motor, which is bidirectional, automatically stops in event of interface; reset button restarts motor once obstruction is removed. Adjustable hanging rods, baskets and shoe racks provide total flexibilty within easy-to-organize storage sections. Operates on standard household current. Available in ten sizes. Minimum closet dimensions needed: 4 feet, 6 inch

Dementia Organization Care System

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an organizational aid to assist individuals with dementia organize items essential to daily life. The Dementia Organization Care System is designed to eliminate the distress caused from the confusion of individuals with dementia. The design process involved meeting with occupational therapists to discuss the issues with current commercial products and the layout of home environments. Multiple sketches and designs were presented to a prof

Drawer And Cabinet Pulls

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To enable individuals with upper extremity disabilities or tremors, arthritis, or grasping or fine motor disabilities to open cabinets and other doors. Included in a chapter entitled "Kitchen & Meal Time," this article describes how cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls can be replaced with D-shaped handles to facilitate grasping. A D-handle can also be attached to the door of a front-loading dishwasher for easier opening. Attaching a loop of rope or webbing to a D

Drawer Pulls

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with limited grasp to open drawers with knob pulls. The knobs can be removed and a length of parachute cord (available in hardware stores) threaded through the holes and knotted inside the drawer. In lieu of removing the knobs, cut a length of cord several inches longer than the distance between the two knobs, then form and knot a loop at each end large enough to slip over the knobs. MATERIALS: Parachute cord. AUTHOR: Labbe, A. TITLE: Que

Easy Access Drawers

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To make the contents of a drawer more readily accessible to people who cannot reach into the drawer or see its contents. Remove a portion of one side of a drawer so a person can reach and see into the side of the drawer. TOOLS: Saw. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. TITLE: Easy Access Drawers. WEB SITE: Assistive Technology Solutions at REF: Assistive Technology Solutions can be contacted at PO Box 3071, Bur

Extensions For Cabinet Knobs.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Pull handle for a drawer or cabinet door for someone who has difficulty using small knobs. Pull handle made of a large electrical ring tongue, plastic coated cable and a piece of soft rubber hose. This is held in place by the knob itself. Includes drawings. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly. AUTHOR: Independence Factory TITLE: Make it Cheap: Volume 3 REF: Middletown, Ohio: Independence Factory NARIC CALL NUMBER: R1183 PAGES (including cover): 2 1977.

Fox Cabrail System

The Fox CabRail System is composed of adjustable cabinet units for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and other applications requiring adaptable and accessible cabinetry. Available units include office desks and computer stands, file cabinets, oven units, stovetop cooking units, night stands and vanities, countertops, stackable drawer units, closet systems, and bathroom sink and vanity units. The units are designed to make efficient use of space while still making the cabinet contents accessible. For

Glide-Out Shelves

Glide-Out Shelves are slide out drawers for cabinets designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or who have limited reach. Shelving is custom-built to fit existing cabinets in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, entertainment center, office, laundry room, or workshop. The shelving glides in and out at a touch, with full extension rails to maximize accessibility and space. Special solutions include blind corners, center stile removal and replacement, custom dividers, riser units for under sin

Hookless Hangers

Hookless Hangers are hangers with no hook intended for people with fine motor, standing and neurological disabilities and people of short stature. These hangers attach to a metal strip (sold separately) using a neodymium magnet at the top of the hanger. Using Hookless Hangers lowers the overall height necessary for hanging clothes so that a shelf above the clothes or a second level of hangers is also lower. Hookless Hangers are available in several different types of wood, including walnut, bamb

Hookless Tie / Belt Hangar

The Hookless Tie/Belt Hanger is a hanger with no hook intended for people with fine motor, standing and neurological disabilities and people of short stature. The hanger attaches to a metal strip (sold separately) using a neodymium magnet at the top of the hanger. It consisted of a vertical wooden post with the magnet at one end and four perpendicular, evenly spaced, smaller rods attached to the central post to form crossbars. Ties or belts can be hung from the crossbars which extend from both s

Kitchen Carousel

Automated shelving system provides over 30 square feet for kitchen storage in a unit only slightly larger than a refrigerator. Shelves rotate vertically by pushing a button. All stored items are accessed at one convenient height. Electronic circuitry includes numbered key pad panel with space to isentify contents of each of the 14 shelves. Shelf dimensions: 28 1/4 inches wide, 11 inches deep, 9 inches high. Cabinet: 39 inches wide, 31 1/2 inches deep, 92 incehs high. 110 VAC. Designed to accept

Lazy Susan / Corner Susan

The Lazy Susan/Corner Susan is a lazy susan for cabinets designed for use by individuals who have difficulty reaching to the back of shelves. This revolving, three-quarter round pie-cut tray has a non-slip surface and can hold 35 pounds per shelf when the weight is evenly distributed. It is available in shelf-mounted or post-mounted versions for framed or frameless cabinets in the manufacturer's Arena Champagne cabinet accessory collection. DIMENSIONS: Tray diameter is 24, 28, or 32 inches.

Luxe Wardrobe Automation

The Luxe Wardrobe Automation closet conveyor system is a motorized clothes rack designed for individuals with mobility disabilities, arthritis, other physical disabilities, or seniors. This system brings clothing to the user with the push of a button or touch of a foot, at a height appropriate for the user. The system is available in the standard straight line conveyor (oval configuration) High-Low, L-shaped, U-shaped, or V-dip conveyor. Hand or foot controls are available and speeds are variab

Mobility Clutch And Pouch

The Mobility Clutch and Pouch is a carrying bag that can be attached to canes, crutches or walkers, a wheelchair side pouch, or a bed pouch. This pouch carries items such as keys, money, and medications and attaches with Velcro to mobility aids and bed rails. This clutch has a removable carrying strap and an outside pocket for glasses or a cell phone. COLOR: Black, red, or pink.

Modifying A Clothes Closet.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Modifying a closet to make it accessible for someone in a wheelchair. Move the closet rod to about 3 1/2 feet above the floor, and install a shelf at 48 inches and no more than 16 inches deep. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Simply woodworking. TITLE: Home Improvement and Repair: Home Security REF: Book: Time Life Books, Alexandria, VA, p 130-131. PAGES (including cover):1 1979.

Roll-Out Shelves By Shelf Improvement

Roll-Out Shelves by Shelf Improvement are cabinet organizers designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. Designed to provide full cabinet accessibility in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, these shelves roll out of the cabinet to provide access to the contents. Each shelf is pre-assembled and attached to an installation platform with a specially-designed one-piece track. The unit is installed by attaching the platform to the cabinet floor using four screws. The shelves are made

Shoeselect, The

The ShoeSelect™ is a motorized, electric shoe storage system designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. Operating as a vertical carousel, the ShoeSelect™ has revolving shelves that rotate at the push of a button, bringing shoes down to a more reachable, viewable level. The unit consists of 2 columns of shelves - one behind the other, allowing users to double their shoe storage capacity inside closets or cabinets.

Space Savers And Cabinet Organizers

The Space Savers and Cabinet Organizers are vinyl coated wire cabinet organizers available in shelves, racks, and baskets.

Suspend-A-Rod (Model 1057)

Suspend-A-Rod, model 1057, is a low bar for clothes closets designed to allow hotels, motels, and other facilities to comply with ADA regulations by lowering access by 12 inches. The unit is made from 18 gauge chrome tubular steel and two chromed steel suspension units to suspend the rod from the existing standard closet bar. Machine screws and nuts secure the bar. The ends of the rod are finished with black plastic caps. DIMENSIONS: The rod is 1 inch in diameter and 32 inches long; the suspensi

Swing Down Clothes Rack.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Hinged clothes rack provides full access to upper clothes rack for persons in wheelchair, or those of short stature. Closet is divided into two levels, with an accessible height lower rod. the upper rod is hinged by attachments to the walls. It swings down by grabbing a vertical bar which then becomes a standing support when the closet rod is in a horizontal position. This type of hardware is sold by companies specializing in closets and storage, and i

Telephone Shelf

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To create an accessible area for telephone use for an individual with multiple sclerosis. A double wall-mounted shelf was built, with the top shelf accommodating the telephone on a rotating base. A second shelf provides storage for a telephone directory, mail, and other items. The shelf is a right angle to the user's work area, enabling the phone to be answered from her work chair and eliminating the need to walk to answer the phone. TITLE: Customised Furniture. JOURN

The Automated Wardrobe Lift-Xl

The Automated WardrobeLift-XL™ is a motorized, electric closet rod that is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This unit has 2 rotating arms that work in tandem to raise or lower a closet rod to bring the user’s wardrobe within reach. With a push of a button, the arms rotate down and stops automatically at the lower position - all in about 10 seconds.

The Automated Wardrobe Lift™

The Automated WardrobeLift is a motorized, electric closet rod that is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or neurological disabilities. This unit has 2 rotating arms that work in tandem to raise or lower a closet rod to bring the user’s wardrobe within reach. With a push of a button, the arms rotate down and stop automatically at the lower position - all in about 10 seconds. The point where the unit stops is fully adjustable to accommodate the user’s reachable height

Universal Carry All

The Universal Carry All is a carrying bag for walkers designed to provide carrying capability for people with mobility disabilities. This heavy-duty nylon pouch secures to walker crossbars, wheelchairs, and bed rails and features one large compartment, a security pocket and eyeglass pouch, and a keypouch with cord. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 18.75 x 11 inches.


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