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Ada Ez

The ADA EZ is a powered door operator designed for use doors at institutions and other high traffic areas that are manual opened and closes but occasionally require automatic operation. Upon installation, the unit determines the door's size and weight and automatically tune its controller to operate within ANSI 156.19 and 117.1 standards for door openers and closers. The ADA EZ also has adjustable speed, hold-open time, and opening/closing force. On-board diagnostics continually maintain control

Astro-Swing (Models 2511, 2553, 9331, 9342, & 9553)

The Astro-Swing, models 2511, 2553, 9331, 9342, and 9553, is a powered door operator that can be used on side hung or center pivot doors, in new or existing installations, inside or outside. Opening time is 3 to 5 seconds, and can be adjusted up to 30 seconds. Doors open to a 90-degree angle, closing with spring action, and exerting less than 15 pounds of pressure. For safety, the door will stop if obstructed. Models include concealed overhead mount, single door (2511); concealed overhead mount

Auto-Equalizer (Models 2610, 4810, 4820, & 4840)

The Auto-Equalizer, models 2610, 4810, 4820, and 4840, is a powered door operator designed to make doors accessible to individuals with physical or mobility disabilities. This heavy duty, low energy pneumatic automatic door operator can be used on new or existing doorways. It opens interior or exterior doors automatically to 90 degrees when actuated, and holds the door open up to 30 seconds. Unit mounting options include a frame (2610), hinge side mount (4810), top jamb mount (4820), or parallel

Automatic Balanced Door Operator

The Automatic Balanced Door Operator is a powered door closer designed for installation on existing balanced doors. The device operates by means of a motion detector or a push button.

Automatic Entrance Systems

Electric automatic door opener. Available for swinging doors, sliding doors, or conversion units for existing doors. Modular, self contained electromechanical operators fit into door header. Electronic control unit regulates operating mechanism. Sealed mechanical gear drive system with spring and safety clutch for door closing. Built in emergency reverse swing feature. Low noise level. Operates indoors or outdoors in temperatures -30 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. All models activated by carpet swit

Besam Electra 150 Series

The Besam Electra 150 Series are commercial powered door operators suitable for residential use on standard or swinging doors, both inside and outside. The units are available with remote control, key controls, push button, sensor, elbow switch, contact mats, or kick plate switchs. Hold open time is adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds. An optional security lock when power is on is available. POWER: 110 volt 4 amp. If power fails, 14 pounds of force are required to open the connected door. DIMENSIONS

Besam Powerglide 4000 Automatic Sliding Door System

The Besam Powerglide 4000 Automatic Sliding Door System is a powered door operator system that can be installed in new or existing installations on interior or exterior doors. The operator is mounted on a frame, which is supplied with the unit. FEATURES: Opening time is adjustable from 0 to 5 seconds; hold open time is adjustable from 0 to 45 seconds; door automatically stops if obstructed; and security lock when the power is off. If the door is locked and the operator is activated, the operator


BETAdoors are automatic opening and closing doors that allow hands-free operation in commercial or residential buildings. Specifically, they are electric powered roller blind mechanisms that are self-contained in vertical aluminum frames. Low voltage floor mats, electric eye sensors or push buttons trigger the doors to operate. BETAdoor is available in single (160 Watts), double (320 Watts), 3-way (480 Watts), and 4-way (640 Watts) models. All models available in wheelchair dimensions. BETAdoors

Commander Automatic Door Opener

The Commander Automatic Door Opener is a powered door opener and closer designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities and wheelchair users. This unit can be used in residential or commercial settings to convert new or existing swinging doors to automatic operation without modifying existing door frames. It works with both in-swing and out-swing door configurations. It can also be used on wheelchair lifts and elevators. The opening speed and hold open time are both adjustable. A cons

Commercial Gentleman Public Access Door Operator

The Commercial Gentleman Public Access Door Operator is a powered door operator kit designed for use in public settings to provide barrier free access for people with mobility issues. The operator allows manual use of the door by those not requiring the automatic opener. This operator can be totally pneumatic in operation or interfaced with low voltage (wired or wireless) electronics for total public access. Standard Kit Includes - Commercial Opener & mounting hardware, 4 1/2" square poly bo

Door Aid

Powered door operator with adjustable opening and holding times. Uses a DC motor. Can be retrofit to side opening doors. (No information on controls for operating the system.).

Dura-Glide 2000/3000 Sliding Door Operator

Powered door operator for sliding doors. For single or bi-parting doors. Heavy duty, high pedestrian traffic volume system. Threshold activating and safety systems.

Duraswing Mk 4R On-Demand Door Operator

The DuraSwing MK 4R On-Demand Door Operator is a powered door operator designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This door operator unlocks, power opens, holds open, power closes and re-locks doors. It can close doors automatically or on demand. It works with interior and exterior doors up to four feet wide that latch when closed, including wheelchair lift gates and elevator swing doors. It can operate in either an in-swing or out-swing configuration, can be configured for righ

Easy Gentleman Swing Door Opener (Interior Doors)

The Easy Gentleman Swing Door is a pneumatically opened & closed swing door operator kit designed to convert side-hinged doors to automatic doors to provide barrier free access for people with mobility issues. The converter allows manual use of the door by those not requiring the automatic opener. Designed for interior residential doors, this operator is mounted to the push side of the door and both sides of the cylinder are pressurized during the entire cycle. The standard includes the Pneu

Ed 800 Series Door Control

The ED 800 Series Door Control is a door closer and powered door operator designed to provide the level of assistance required by the user for safe, barrier-free passage. The ED 800 is a combination surface closer and microprocessor-controlled electromechanical unit which continuously monitors door position, resistance, opening and closing speeds, and other variables, detecting the slightest deviation from the norm and responding appropriately. The unit functions as a standard door closer until

Gentleman Automatic Swing Door Operator

The Gentleman Automatic Swing Door Operator is a powered door operator kit designed to convert side-hinged doors to automatic doors, enabling access to those with mobility issues. The converter allows manual use of the door by those not requiring the automatic opener. The standard kit includes a Pneumatic opener, Hydraulic closer, Liftmaster MyQ wireless controls, Latch Release Kit, 100’ air tubing, 12 VDC Solenoid, 12 VDC Power Supply, compressor fitting, and mounting hardware. Each kit also in

Gentleman Sliding Door / Pocket Door / Window Operator

The Pocket Gentleman Door Operator is a powered pocket door kit designed to provide barrier free access for people with mobility issues. Although pocket doors create more space for wheel chairs, without automation, many clients are unable to operate the door for desired privacy. The operator allows manual use of the door by those not requiring the automatic opener. This kit includes the custom pneumatic opener integrated with track, Liftmaster MyQ wireless controls, 100 feet of air tubing, 12 VD

Horton Automatic 7000 Easy Access For Swing Doors

Powered door operator features 3 to 8 second adjustable opening time, side hung and balanced, exerts less than 15 pounds pressure, can be used on new or existing installations. Maximum door width 42 inches, maximum door weight 140 pounds. Power requirements are 115 volt 2.5A. Door opens to 90 degree angle, for exterior or interior use. Hold open time is adjustable 2 to 25 seconds. Door will stop if obstructed. In case of power failure, 15 pounds force needed to open, but force is adjustable. Has

Horton Automatics Series 8700 Residential Sliding Door Operator

Powered door operator for residential sliding door. Size: 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches by width of door. Opening speed adjustable, approximately 3 seconds minimum. Closing speed adjustable, approximately 4 seconds minimum. Hold open time delay, adjustable 1 to 15 seconds. Reverses if door contacts object during closing. Activated by push button switch. Optional: automatic locking, remote radio control.

K-M Electrohydraulic Swinging Door Operators (Series 2000)

The K-M Electrohydraulic Swinging Door Operators, Series 2000 is an automatic door operators surface mounted to the top jamb of new or exiting doors. They are completely self-contained with the electrohydraulic operator and controls mounted on a signal backplate and enclosed with an aluminum cover. The doors are available for single or double doors in any swinging configuration. Doors can be controlled to operate independently or simultaneously. Features include electrohydraulic power open and

Magic-Access Door Operator

The Magic-Access Door Operator is a powered door operator designed for use by individuals with mobility or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This unit can automate new or existing swing doors made of wood, metal, or glass. When the unit is installed, the door operates as a manual door with the option of activation from a pushbutton, wall-switch, or card reader. The Magic-Touch feature opens the door automatically when it is moved 3 degrees or more. The door opens under power and s

Magic-Force Door Operator

The Magic-Force Door Operator is a powered door operator designed for use in making commercial and public buildings accessible to individuals with mobility disabilities. The unit includes Magic-Touch activation, which can open a door when the user gives it a slight touch or push. The unit can be installed in supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, office buildings, public buildings, schools, and universities, and is field selectable for full energy applications (ANSI A156.10), heav

Maitre D'oor, The

The Maitre D'oor is a powered sliding door operator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This unit fits most sliding doors and can be used on existing doors with right- or left-hand openings. Features include six door speeds, six delay settings to adjust the time the door stays open before closing, a closing signal to alert to door closing, a doorbell for use when the door is in locked mode, and remote echo to aler

Open Sesame System Ii

The Open Sesame System II is a residential powered door operator designed for use by people who use wheelchairs. The system includes the Open Sesame Deluxe Door Opener (Model 100), an electric strike plate for mounting in the wooden door frame, the wall transformer and wiring, the transmitter, and mounting hardware for inward and outward opening doors. The system opens and closes left- or right-side hinged doors with the touch of a button on the matchbox-sized transmitter which can be mounted on

Otodor Swing Door Opener (Models Dm-50, Dm-100, And Dm-150)

The Otodor Swing Door Opener is a powered door opener designed for use by individuals with mobility, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. Designed for non-professional installation (with the exception of the electric strike plate), this opener can be used on residential, office, or public restroom swinging doors weighing up to 100 pounds. Model DM-50 remotely opens and closes most interior swing doors. The kit includes the door opener main unit and remote control. Model DM-100 opens an

Power Access Automatic Door Opener (Model 4300)

The Power Access Automatic Door Opener, Model 4300, is designed to convert side hinged doors to automatic opening ones for people with disabilities. It is widely used for accessibility in schools and homes. This automatic door opener interfaces with environmental control systems and electric lock for door security. Activation controls include: touch plate, push button, push plate, radio transmitter, mats or momentary dry contact signals. Door opening pressure is adjustable; hold-open time is al

Power Access Residential Door Opener (Model 2300)

The Power Access Residential Door Opener, model 2300, is a powered door opener and closer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The unit fits in most interior and some exterior doors. Left- and right-hand door openers are available, and the hand is adaptable. The unit has a low profile to fit when there is limited room above the door. Safety features include the ability to be opened manually from either side; a friction clutch that c

Powermatic Door Operator (Model 6900)

The PowerMatic Door Operator, model 6900, is a powered door operator designed to make facilities accessible to individuals mobility disabilities. This unit automatically opens and closes with a lower energy opening force, and offers obstruction detection during both opening and closing cycles. It is handed and is available for either push- or pullside mounting,

Prestige Series Wall Switches (Models D33 & D33T)

The Prestige Series Wall Switches are designed to activate full- and low-energy powered doors for individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. Available in a hardwired pushplate switch (model D33) or a wireless pushplate switch with a radio transmitter (model D33T), the switch provides switch closure at the door control and may be used with any powered door operator. The unit features a high-impact, textured polycarbonate plastic enclosure for weather resistance, better transmissio

Robotic Locker Opener

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a powered, remotely operated door opener for a high school locker for a student with muscular dystrophy. A pair of seniors, Micah Stuhldreher and Wyatt Smrcka, in a robotics class at Pinckney Community High School in Michigan used their school's resources to build a device that allows their classmate with muscular dystrophy to open his locker using a remote control from his wheelchair. Working with their robotics teacher, they fabricated moving parts a

Senior Swing Door System (5663 Series & 4663 Series)

The Senior Swing Door System, 4663 Series and 5663 Series, are electric powered door operators for interior or exterior doors. The door operator is available in overhead or surface applied housing. There are two modes of operation: handicapped or manual mode. In the Handicap mode, the door is actuated by pushing a button on either side of the door. The door opens slowly to back check in 3 to 6 seconds and to a fully open position in 4 to 7 seconds. The door remains open 5 to 30 seconds in preset

Stanley Accesspro

The Stanley AccessPro is a powered door operator designed for use in long-term care, rehabilitation, assisted living, and health facilities. This system provides automation of new or existing manual doors. The system unlocks, opens, closes, and relocks doors at the touch of a button. Up to 15 remote controls can be programmed to one door system. Keyed access and manual operation remains intact. Operation stops when an obstruction is encountered. The system includes a motor/gear box attached to

Touchless Switch (Models D32C/sss, D32C/dss, & D32C/jss)

The Touchless Switch is an active infrared proximity sensor powered door operator designed to provide hands-free activation of full- and low-powered doors, clean room access points, request to exit devices, and point of purchase displays for individuals with upper extremity and mobility disabilities. This device activates a powered door when an individual passes the motion sensor and employs a coded carrier infrared signal to produce the proximity pattern. An incorporated microprocessor produces

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