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Take Apart Vehicle - Assorted Plane, Crane or 4x4 Truck

Take Apart Vehicle is designed for use by children with Down’s syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy and who are working on improving their hand skills, bilateral coordination and motor planning skills. This toy comes with over 30 pieces in each vehicle including tools and nuts and bolts. Children are encouraged to take apart and assemble the vehicles. It comes with a battery-powered drill that can be fitted into a special compartment to power the vehicle.

4-Way Sand & Water Table (Model Tt678)

The 4-Way Sand & Water Table, model TT678, is a sand water table designed for use by children with upper extremity, mobility, or cognitive disabilities. The aluminum table has four separate plastic tubs, so each one can be filled with a different material, and up to four children can play at once. Tubs can be lifted out of the table to change materials. Tubs also have fun textures on the bottom. OPTION: Heavy duty plastic top, TT 679; 29 x 29 inch top covers all four tubs. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW)

Animal Spinners

These Animal Spinners are a recreational therapy toy designed especially for children with cerebral palsy, any neurological disability, or for persons who have a disability that affects their fine motor skills. Toys that work on 3-finger grasping and isolating thumbs. The toys are colorful, twirly eggs and globes that open to reveal an animal as they spin around. Choking hazard: not for people under 3 years old.

Aroma Dough

Aroma Dough is a scented therapy dough designed to soothe and help release stress, ease muscle pain and stiffness and encourage post-stroke hand movement. Aroma dough is smooth, silky, and responsive to light pressure or heavy kneading and it’s unique moisturizing formula allows a slow release of essential oils for hands-on therapy. Six colors/fragrances are included in one kit: Purple – calming lavender, Blue – ylang ylang to ease anxiety, Green – refreshing peppermint, Yellow – invigorating le


Beamz is an interactive music system that can be used by individuals with upper extremity, neurological and cognitive disabilities. It is a musical instrument that enables special needs users and individuals of all ages to interactively create and play music. User’s pass their hands through the laser beams to trigger music, vocals or sound effects. The Beamz interactive music song library contains 50 songs. DIMENSIONS: 21 1/2" L x 4 1/2" W x 19 1/2" H. WEIGHT: 10 lbs. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUAR

Break Bag

Break Bag is a bag full of fidget toys, including items for fine motor/heavy hand work, gross motor/heavy work, weight, and visual stimulation. Portable, for car rides and travel. Small parts, not for children under 3 years old. Set includes Tangle Therapy (great hand fidget), Transformer Sack (perfect for stretching, moving or snuggling), Busy Fingers Fidget Lap Pad (provides weight for the lap and finger work), Spaghetti Fidget (use as a fidget or a chewy), and Discovery Disc (fine motor, visu

Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget

Busy Fingers™ Gel Fidget is a fidget toy designed for children with autism, with sensory integration disorder, or any child who has trouble paying attention or sitting still. Use when stressed, bored or seeking sensory input. Has the added benefit of it helping to boost their concentration and focus as well as fine motor skills and fine motor strengthening. Can be kept in a backpack or parent’s bag and used at home, school, clinic, or while riding in a car. For ages 3 and up. DIMENSIONS: 5.5 inc

Castle Mold

These castle molds are designed for children over 3, to engage in fine motor play in the sandbox, at the beach, or anywhere where there is sand. This fine motor play also inspires imagination, problem solving, and design interest. Includes 8 molds, 2 plastic knives, a turret, stairwell, castle wall, round wall top, rectangular 3D brick-maker, and 3D cylinder maker. Not for children under 3 years old due to choking hazard.

Color-Coded Therapy Putty by AliMed®

Color-Coded Therapy Putty by AliMed® is designed for those recovering from a stroke or with Alzheimer's disease or dementia to help these individuals to strengthen grip, sharpen fine-motor skills, train memory, and build hand strength. Putty is color-coded by resistance. Tan is extra-extra soft. Yellow is extra soft. Red is soft. Green is medium. Blue is firm. A four-pack contains one 2 ounce container of each color. Silicone-based putty is unscented and non-toxic.

Compact Activity Center & Side-Lyer Activity Center (Models 2300 & 2310)

The Compact Activity Center and the Side-Lyer Activity Center, models 2300 and 2310, is a play tray and sensory busy box designed for use by children with mobility, neurological, or severe physical disabilities. This small-scale activity center provides sensory stimulation and cognitive activity. Features include a bead curtain, a dome with brightly-colored sequins which spin when the button is pressed, a textured plate which vibrates and lights up when pressed, and a pullball that turns on a mu

D.I.Y. Game Console Switch Interface Deluxe

***Do It Yourself*** Game Console Switch Interface Deluxe is designed for use by individuals with limited fine motor and coordination while accessing Playstations. Materials: 1x Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick 1x Ultimarc iPac board with USB PC lead. 1x Ultimarc Playstation adapter with case, fitted with latest PCB and control-set chip. 1x PS/2 to PS/2 connecting lead 1x USB Keyboard 1x On/Off switch (e.g. Maplin's "JR96E") 3x Small push switches (e.g. Maplin's "FH59P") 27x 3.5mm so

D.I.Y. Tumbler

***Do It Yourself*** D.I.Y. Tumbler is a remote control car. This modification allows users with limited fine motor, strength, and grasping abilities use a switch to activate the small buttons on the remote control base. Materials: Tumbler Remote Control Car with 2 button controller; 2x 3.5 millimeters headphone socket. Thin wire (e.g 7strand 0.2 millimeters). Soldering iron (15 to 30 Watt power). Thin solder. Soldering flux. Desoldering braid. Cordless drill with drill bit 6 (1/4 inch). Knife o


DeltaSand is a sand water table designed for use by children with fine motor, upper extremity, or cognitive disabilities. This non-tox, allergen- and latex-free sand acts and feels like wet sand molds like dough and is reusable and does not dry out. The sand is available in a set with two pounds of sand and an inflatable, high-sided tray which serves as a worksurface and carrying case or in a starter kit with two pounds of sand, the tray, six molds, and two carving tools. The tray has a clear sl

Discovery Disc

Pick it up, toss it, manipulate it and look for all the hidden objects in this hands-on Discovery Disc that will keep children busy for hours.

DIY Glue Tracing Pre-Writing

This DIY Glue Tracing Pre-Writing is designed for young children with different learning disabilities to help them better understand the shapes of letters. This activity works on pre-handwriting skills, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills. 

DIY Heart Sponge Painting (without the Mess)

Heart Sponge Painting (without the Mess) is a Do-It-Yourself activity designed for individuals who may have sensory processing disorders and dislike touching paint or those working on strengthening their fine motor skills.

DIY Switch Air-Surfer

DIY Switch Air-Surfer is designed to assist individual with limited mobility and fine motor coordination due to cerebral palsy, stroke, and brain injuries participate in recreational play by using a switch to fly the model plane. Materials 1x "Air-Surfer". 2x 3.5 millimeter mono headphone socket. Thin wire (e.g 7strand 0.2 millimeter). Shrink-wrap. Soldering iron (15 to 30 Watt power). Thin solder. Soldering flux. Desoldering braid. Cordless drill with 1x 1/4 drill bit. Knife or wire strippers.

Djeco Green Rain Shaker

The Djeco Green Rain Shaker is a toy that helps promote dexterity, and motor planning, while also providing children with audio sensory input. The shaker also provides users with a hand eye coordination activity by aiming to shake the little beads into holes included in the shaker.

Djeco Toys Geosavanna Magnetic Block Set

The Geosavanna Magnetic Block Set helps children maintain dexterity and reinforce pattern-replicating skills by completing the forms on the cards. Residents can also use the brightly colored magnetic pieces to create their own patterns. Set includes 41 wooden pieces and 21 cards in an easy-to-carry, magnetic wooden carry case. 

Dot-To-Dot Therapy Book

This Dot-To-Dot Alphabet Book is designed for individuals with upper extremity disabilities or those who have poor fine motor ability, poor dexterity, etc. or to help novice learners or slower learners to learn the sequence of alphabet letter, while at the same time, building their eye-hand coordination skills. Contains 64 pages of dot-to-dot alphabet activities, a bonus incentive chart, and 140 gold star stickers.

Dynaflex Amber Powerball Gyro

The Dynaflex Amber Powerball Gyro with Glowing Amber Lights strengthens wrists, forearms, and other lower arm muscles. The powerball is used as a carpal tunnel exercise (for prevention and rehabilitation) and also for improving arm strength for most sports and physical activities.

Early Childhood Break Box

Early Childhood Break Box is a box full of educational toys and therapy tools, designed for young children and meant to engage those persons with autistic traits or Asperger’s syndrome, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder or any students who cannot sit still. The box is geared toward preventing disruptive behavior by integrating the sensory motor activities throughout the day. Assists in self-regulation in order to develop the ability to calm down, channel energy, and focus for extended p

EasyGlide Antimicrobial Therapy Putty

EasyGlide Antimicrobial Therapy Putty is designed for those with Alzheimer's disease or dementia or for those recovering from stroke to strengthen their hands and work on sensory skills. This product features an antimicrobial agent that resists the growth of odor-causing microbes. High silicone content for added glide during squeezing, twisting, rolling, and pinching exercises. Non-greasy, smooth texture improves comfort during use. Color-coded by resistance. Light Blue is extra soft. Light Purp

Economy Sand & Water Table (Model La309)

The Economy Sand & Water Table, model LA309, is a sand/water table designed for use by children with upper extremity, mobility, or cognitive disabilities. This table has a height-adjustable metal frame with a removable plastic tub. OPTIONS: A top is available. DIMENSIONS: This table has a 6.5-inch deep tub and is 20inches wide x 27.25 inches long. The stand adjusts from 18 to 21 inches high.

Edushape Link-A-Shape

Edushape Link-a-Shape foam blocks improve logic and reasoning ability and develop hand-eye coordination. Squares, rectangles, circular and hexagon shapes have printed surfaces which fit together to create endless 3D abstract creations. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches length x 5 inches width x 12 inches height. CAPACITY: Children of 18 months to 3 years. WEIGHT: 8 ounces shipping weight. COLOR: Multiple. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Find It Games

find it games are cognitive and sensory games designed for children. Spin, twist, and shake the brightly-colored container and find a cognitive adventure. Each plastic, sealed cylinder contains hidden items for players to find. Skills used include deductive reasoning, object identification, early reading, and patience. Terrific as a learning center activity or fun as a timed game with others. Each game comes boxed and contains a tear-off tally pad to check off each found item.

Giant Clear-View Water Play Table (Model La719)

The Giant Clear-View Water Play Table, model LA719, is a water table designed for use by children with physical or cognitive disabilities. The table features a clear, lightweight plastic tub with a drain at one end. The tub comes in a no-rust metal stand with no-slip, rubber-tipped legs that keep the table stable. OPTION: Top for covering play table (LA19). DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 21.5 x 18 x 30 inches.

Giant Economy Sand & Water Table (Model La308)

The Giant Economy Sand & Water Table, model LA309, is a sand/water table designed for use by children with upper extremity, mobility, or cognitive disabilities. This table has a height-adjustable metal frame with a removable plastic tub. OPTIONS: A top is available. DIMENSIONS: This table has a 7-inch deep tub and is 22.25 inches wide x 34.25 inches long. The stand adjusts from 18 to 21 to 24 inches high.

Go Go Roller

The Go Go Roller is a two-pedaled transport device that was created with the idea that children can give it rough treatment without damaging it. The wheels, the steel shafts and the pedals form a unified whole, which provides sturdiness and strength. Children can pedal their way around, while developing important gross motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Gonge Blow Lotto

Blow Lotto is designed for children to develop breathing control and lip muscles. Players take turns at blowing the ball from one hole to another, which requires control of the direction and speed of the ball. Nine holes show different pictures, which are also featured on the players' lotto cards. The first player to covers all the pictures is the winner. Set includes plastic frame, ball, game board with track on both sides, four lotto boards with animal pictures on both sides, storage box and 3

Great Games

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To assist children and adults with fine motor and grasping difficulties increase participation and interaction during board games activities.

Gyrobix Explorer Magnetic Toy

The Gyrobix Explorer toy allows for a user to spin, turn, twirl, twist a magnetic disk around the dual pegs. Spin the triangular handles to create an optical illusion and make the magnetic spinning wheel race from side to side. Play vertically or horizontally.

Hand Eye Coordination Scarve Set

Hand Eye Coordination Scarves provide children with a rainbow of colored juggling scarves that teach tossing and catching skills while crossing midline. Crossing the midline (an imaginary line down the center of the body) is a crucial developmental milestone for reading, writing and daily activities like putting on socks and shoes (ADLS). Kids can toss with the right hand and catch with the left, toss with the left hand and catch with the right, and while doing so, they will learn bilateral coor

Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table

The Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table is a sand/water table designed for play by children with upper extremity, cognitive, or neurological disabilities. This wooden table has steel legs that can be bolted to the floor for added stability. Sand is sealed beneath the permanently attached acrylic top. Children move magnetized marbles and vehicles through the sand using four chunky magnets. The hand pieces are permanently attached to the table. DIMENSIONS (LxHxW): 29 x 22 x 29 inches.

Marble Mazes

Marble Mazes are designed to facilitate finger pincer grasp, finger isolation and strengthening. Users will be asked to push an enclosed, stainless steel ball through an 8.5" X 11" stretchy, cloth maze that is full of straight, curved and zig-zag pathways. There are four designs to choose from.

No More Dry Markers

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for children who have difficulty with fine motor and upper extremity coordination participate in drawing activities by using a weighted marker holder to select and recap markers.

One Lump Or Two?

One Lump or Two is designed is designed for use by children working on improving their fine motor skills as a result of Down’s syndrome, stroke, and cerebral palsy.  While planning a tea party, players get to organize, problem solve and work on fine-motor-skill building.   Players make invitations, placemats, and party favors as well as prepare simple treats.   Activities in this book are designed to enhance eye-hand coordination, sense of perception, and more.  

Pattern Blocks And Boards

Pattern Blocks and Boards is designed for children, to get them to exercise their fine motor abilities while using matching skills/problem solving/figuring out which shape goes where. Designs on 5 reversible boards and 120 brightly colored wooden geometric shapes provide multiple fun ways for children to develop matching and fine motor skills. They can match to the boards, create mosaics, and design their own patterns. Ages 3 and up.

Perplexus Maze Toy

Perplexus is a 3-dimensional maze that is interactive, kinetic, and a strong motor planning exercise. This transparent, spherical maze houses a tiny silver marble and 100 obstacles to maneuver through. Players work with gravity to carefully twist, flip, and turn the sphere to guide the marble down the track they have chosen to navigate. Kids will think they are just having fun but they also will be exercising their motor and dexterity skills and improving their eye/hand coordination.

Preschool & Toddler Sand & Water Tables (Models Jj511, Jj512, Jj513, & Jj514)

Preschool & Toddler Sand & Water Tables, models JJ511, JJ512, JJ513, and JJ514, are sand and water tables designed for use by children with upper extremity, mobility, or cognitive disabilities. Tables are made of all-weather plastic for indoor and outdoor use. They have a single tub (JJ511 and JJ512) or two tubs (JJ513 and JJ514); rounded edges for safety; plugs for drainage; a lightweight plastic liner that lifts out for cleaning; and a top to cover the table when not in use. Preschool

Rainbow Egg And Spoon Set

The Rainbow Egg and Spoon set is a game designed to develop balance and motor skills. Allows players to play the classic relay game without the hassle of cleaning broken eggs. Set includes six plastic eggs and six wooden spoons.

Rainbow Math Popsicle Stick Hundreds Chart

Rainbow Math Popsicle Stick Hundreds Chart is a hands-on math activity designed for kindergarten to second grade children to work on combining numbers into groups of ten, and tens into hundreds. Children can work on this essential math concept while strengthening their fine motor skills. In addition, a single hole punch is a good way to build gross hand grasp strength but to make the activity run faster or to work proprioception. Picking up the tiny hole punched pieces of paper is a great precis

Sand Tray.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Box to hold damp sand for a child to play in. Sturdy box made of solid timber or exterior grade plywood fastened with nails and waterproof glue, with 2 battens on the bottom to allow the box to be more easily picked up. Box dimensions are 12 by 13 inches, and 6 inches deep. Should be painted inside and out. Place on a piece of plastic to protect the floor. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D TITLE: Easy to Make Toys for Your Handicapped Chi

Sandbox (Model 9835)

The Sand Box, no. 9835, is a round, elevated sand table that is accessible to children in wheelchairs. The Sand Box is designed for outdoor use. DIMENSIONS: 5 or 6 foot diameter; 3 feet high. WARRANTY: 1-year on materials and workmanship.

Sensory Dome

The Sensory Dome is designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation. Bright pom-pom balls dance around inside while music plays and the dome vibrates.

Stained Glass Coloring Book Volume 1

The Stained Glass Coloring Book is designed to capture colorists’ attention with its intricate designs as well as to exercise fingers or to do a fine motor exercise with an occupational therapist. Comes with 50 high resolution stained glass patterns, each printed on its own page and designed for colorists of all ages. Exercises fine motor abilities. Designed patterns are square, round, and rectangular.

Stretch & Match Geoboard Set

The Stretch & Match Geoboard Set is a sturdy activity board, recommended for children ages four and up with Autism, for helping students develop fine motor skills, learn basic geometry and shapes, gain problem solving skills, and more.

Super Duper Skinny Squeezers

The Super Duper Squeezers™ are designed for individuals exercising their dexterity by using a 3-finger grasps or through using their pincher. Is a jumbo version of Skinny Mini Squeezers™ Tweezer-style tongs have very pointy tips which offers more practice of fine motor skills. For ages 5-up. Adult supervision is required due to the pointy tips.

Switch Adapted Giggle Pig

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To make a toy accessible by adding a switch for children with limited fine and gross motor development. PREPPARATION Step 1: For this Instructable you will need the following: 1. Drill with 1/4 inch or drill bit. 2. Glue Gun. 3 Soldering iron and solder. 3. Wire strippers and two pieces of small gauge wire. 4 Jelly bean Switch or similar to test your work. 5. Small electronics sized Philips screw driver. 6. Giggle pig, cow, dog or the like. 7

Table Sandbox

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To provide a do-it-yourself sandbox for a child with cerebral palsy. A table 2 by 3 feet is set at a height such that the user’s chair just slides under. The table has 4 inch sides to contain the sand, but the center of the front all is reduced by 2 inches to give the user better access. The table is covered with several coats of marine varnish and a snug fitting lid allowing the box to be left outdoors. TITLE: The Table Sandbox. WEBSITE: Workshop Sol

Touch And Color (Model Tc1)

Touch and Color, TC1, is a Braille coloring book with raised line geometric shapes accompanied by the color names in Braille. The coloring book is three-hole punched loose leaf.

Twisters Fidgets

Twisters are designed to provide tactile stimulation and improve a user's circulation. This set comes with 3 Twisters. Each one has a different level of resistance to gradually help grasping, twisting and squeezing abilities. The tactile bumps help improve circulation. Bright colors make for increased visual stimulation. Made of a silicone material that can be cleaned with mild soap (avoid harsh detergents and bleach). Non-toxic.

Water Table Adaptations

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide access to a water play table for a child with cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, and vision and hearing impairments while using a therapeutic incline box. The plastic table had a metal stand with casters, but as the child grew, it no longer provided the correct height and position. To resolve the problem, the legs were extended and adjustability was added to accommodate future growth. To increase stability, the casters were removed from one end. DI

Weighted Seek And Find

The Weighted Seek and Find is a visual motor therapeutic activity. This item helps provide deep pressure to the lap area to help calm and focus the user, it also allows those of various physical abilities to participate in an interactive game. The weighted version is also a way to utilize bilateral strengthening during the shake up.

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