Manual Transfer Sling

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Ableware 704010000 The Patient Handler

The Patient Handler is a handled sling that saves the attendants back and provides more comfort and safety for the patient. It can be used by one or two professionally trained people for reseating a patient, transferring between bed, commode, wheelchair etc. or standing a patient up from a seated position. The sling is made of high strength but flexible plastic that conforms to the patient's body.  

Comfort Carrier Transfer Sling

The Comfort Carrier Transfer Sling is a manual transfer sling designed for use by wheelchair users with spinal cord injury, neurological disabilities, stroke, cerebral palsy, or brain injury. This sling enables wheelchair users to transfer with assistance from two helpers. The sling is slipped around the seated user, then is crisscrossed under the thighs and its buckle is fastened. Two assistants (in front and back or on each side) lift and transfer. The foldable sling is lightweight and machine

Safetysure Transfer Sling

The SafetySure Transfer Sling is a manual transfer sling designed for use by individuals with mobility and balance disabilities. This device consists of a padded sling with dual webbing handles on each side. The sling is wrapped around the person to be transferred and the handles provide the caregiver with optimum working position to transfer the individual from a bed to a chair or wheelchair, from wheelchair to a toilet, etc. The device can also be used to aid in positioning an individual withi


The Smithcot is a flexible canvas sling that can be used for moving persons with mobility, walking or lower extremity disabilities or seniors, or as an emergency evacuation carrier. The Smithcot is designed to hold an individual comfortably but securely around tight corners or down stairways. It is made of a single square of #8 100% cotton duck cloth, and it has four grip handles, one a at each corner. The Smithcot is not for use with people who have suspected back or neck injuries. DIMENSIONS (

Sunnyfield Lift

Sling lifting aid. Sling seat is placed under person in sitting position with safety straps around chest. Requires two attendants to lift. Attendants grasp web handles on each side of shoulders and thighs to transfer person. Polyester fabric. Can be used in most lying and sitting situations. Standard dimensions unfolded 17 inches by 39 inches. Options: commode style seat, washable incontinent pad, and sitting wedge. Sizes: S,M, L, custom sizes available.

Transfer Sling And Gait Belt

The Transfer Sling and Gait Belt is a combination manual transfer sling and gait belt designed to provide a secure grasp for therapists and caregivers during ambulation training and transfers. This belt-style device provides support under the knees and behind the back, aiding in better body mechanics during one- and two-person assisted transfers. SIZES: Small/medium or medium/large. CAPACITY: 250 pounds.

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