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SSDI help for daughter

Author: Anonymous (Butler County)
Posted: 10/25/2017 @ 11:49 pm
My 32yo daughter had a severe breakdown in 2014 , was working full time but absolutely has not been able to work since ! Bi Polar and anxiety personality disorders ! Has confined herself in our small bedroom for 3+ years , antisocial , trembles , mean moods, if pushed to apply herself she gets to sobbing that she cant focus or concentrate ! In the last 3+ years has only been out of house for dr appts and maybe a family birthday party ! Has seen 3 psychologists with no help , sees a psychiatrist and two CRNPs ! Problem the treating drs have diagnosed her but not actually seen how ill she truly is ! The daughter tends to tell them she is fine or better with a med change but is not better , has lied to therapists that she got a job but hadn’t ! They have not realized what how severeely she is ill ! We applied in 2014 for SSDI but after all appeals has beed denied ! We have seen no definite approvement in her illness in over 3 years and she definitely cannot work ! We struggle financially totally supporting her and are going to apply again for SSDI but would like to find a psychiatrists that would see her and determine how ill she is and verify that !

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